Another video – worth 2 minutes of your life?

This is a really short video an cutting Nestabiites off the fold, similar to how I did the punched mini-books last week. I am finding so many uses for this technique. If, like me, you are using Bazzill heavy weight cardstock, like the textured one I use in the video, do crank it thru then crank it back to make absolutely sure you have cut thru both layers. I have no idea what the “sandwich” is for the various machines, I assume oyu will know what is best for whatever machine you use. I use the fat plate from the Zip-E-mate, then the Nestie, then the folded cardstock then two shims that the friend who gave me her old machine (Thanks ever so much Lydia!) included, and the thin plate marked “embossing plate”.

I think the card turned out so cute, and def. want to do a mini using the same idea, possibly from the large rectangle.

SUCH a simple idea, but again, one that makes your supplies do more than originally thought.