WOYWW 8/9/2010

Mess today, as usual. Just a couple of interesting things. I got some Nestabilities last week, just before I went off on holiday and have only just had a play with them. I’ve done some of my off-the-fold cuts to make a few more cards (or as mini-book pages perhaps. I just placed it so the folded edge fell inside the cutting edge, leaving the fold intact. So long as I marked the Nestie so the folded edge fell in the same place every time, it worked perfectly.)

Another bit is from my post of yesterday of embossing fun foam to make a stamp – just testing out some different inks in preparation for making some more cards – I can’t seem to find the right brown. Oh and there is a bit from another Nestie shape cut from fun foam used as a stamp and some bits on that same sheet from the Monday post on making shadow stamps using the flat backs of clear stamps. Lots of bits and bobs, which may or may not add up to something

Do pop over to Julia’s for a linky list to lots of other interesting desks! I am always inspired by what I see there! Bet you will be too.