Stamps from embossing folders

You know how, sometimes, you have some scrapbooking supply that you wish you had in another format? I have a bunch of various makes of embossing folders. The other day I was looking at them and thinking how I would like having some of them as stamps. So I started to look at what I had on hand and how I might do that. I had a few sheets of Fun Foam hanging about and that seemed a like it might work. So I put my experimenting hat on and had a bit of a play, with, I think, not too bad results.

What I did was cut a bit of the foam a bit smaller than the folder – I thought the full size folder might be difficult to work with, and to be honest didn’t have a big enough piece of foam left! – then heated it slightly with the embossing gun. Like the previous post about embossing fun foam with stamps, you do have to be a bit careful in this step. You don’t want the foam melting or god forbid bursting into flame! While it is still warm. tuck it into the embossing folder and run it thru your embossing machine. Once the foam is embossed, stick it to a block of some kind with something like repositionable dots and stamp it. I used dye-based ink and more swiped the ink across the surface than tamping it on as that seemed to give better coverage and hits the high points (which are not anywhere NEAR as high as a normal stamp is) better. Pigment ink can sort of sink into the low spots, which may be ok, depending on the look you want.

It IS different than a proper stamped image, but it works for me. As I have three birthdays coming up on the 14th (sister, Dad and MIL) I made a card using the stamped bit.

I’ve done a few bits and bobs this way (some small images from on of the TH embossing folders that was a collage-style image, cutting the individual bits into little stamps. The best part of it all is that after you clean off the stamp (with a baby wipe) you can hit it with the heat gun and it will smooth out so you can do use it again. I suspect the embossing would eventually smooth out, I’m not sure you could make one of these and store it for long term use, foam isn’t that stable a medium, but as it’s no hardship you can just remake it as needed.

I do so love making supplies do double duty.