Sunday-someplace-else: White Shutters

We spent a glorious week at White Shutters, a french gite owned by my mate Fiona (of Paper Arts) and I am finding it hard to come back to reality.

We spent the week in and out of the pool, lounging around, reading (Room, long-listed for the Man Booker prize 2010) is every bit as good as everyone says it is!) and playing words with Friends a lot.  We never once touched the oven, BBQing every night.  DH did much of the cooking (yay!) and one of the best meals was the salmon and shrimp.  May look a bit of a mess on the plate but boy was it yummy.  and yes, that is a whole head of rosted garlic you see!

Despite not speaking any French, and our inability to keep the opening hours of the shops in our head, it was fab!