WOYWW 1 September 2010


What is on my workdesk…isn’t.  I’m taking some time out with the kids but, in true Blue Peter fashion, “here’s one I prepared earlier!”

Last week I did a small (3 “) mini book using a scalloped circle punch.  This week I have another one, using a scalloped square.  Although the punch says 3″ the punched shape is not much more than 2″ – it’s really small!  Both use the punch-off-the-fold technique I used for the banner a few weeks back. The circle one has some sewing on it but the square uses a different technique – just glue and ATG.

I added the Distress Ink pad so you can see in an instant just how small these minis are.

Also, as I know not everyone likes watching YouTube and pausing to catch up or to make notes, for the square one I did a PDF you can download instead. As this is a scheduled post, I’ll add it to the other PDFs on the sidebar after it appears (it’s there now!) and you can also download it by clicking here!

I may miss out on visiting and commenting this week, but if I find myself with some time free I’ll do my best.  Next week, when the more demanding child (DD) is back at school it should all be a whole lot easier!

Happy WOYWW to all!

24 thoughts on “WOYWW 1 September 2010

  1. Fab work as always….. thanks for the tute…

  2. Oh now those are really small – how patient you are! Will be back for the PDF, thanks so much. Hope you’re enjoying some of the fab weather on your break.

  3. This looks great fun, and I think I’ll have to have a go! Those little books are very sweet! have a great woyww!!

  4. Those books are so cute! have fun with the children 🙂

  5. I finf that many times you can’t really trust what it says on the punches – I bought a square one recently that should be 3″ and turned out to be only 2″!
    Still love your work!

  6. Aww, they’re really cute!

    Thanks for sharing, catch you next week 🙂


  7. thanks for sharing…..hugs kath xxx

  8. I do love your mini-mini albums. Enjoy your free time!!!

  9. Those mini books are lovely but seriously small, I’d be going cross eyed! I think someone told me that those lever punches measure across the diagonal for their stated size, but I could be wrong. Happy crafting when the kids go back to school, parents everywhere will heave a collective sigh!!


  10. Your mini books look great, happy WOYWW Day.

  11. Such cute little books. Thanks for showing how you made them. Happy WOYWW! Cath x

  12. Hi
    hope you having fun, luv the blue peter post, luv the square one,have great day, happy WOYWW, sue,x

  13. oh just love your mini books I am really into them big time at the moment,just love yours,hugs cheryl x

  14. oh my how cute are those! I love them.

  15. Love the minis. Great design and colour scheme,
    JoZarty x

  16. Love the mini’s, have a great day.


  17. I hope you are having a good time!

  18. I love your minis and I totally agree you should be out if you can with the DD and family you will miss her when she is back at school

    Love Dawn xx

  19. These minis are the cutest thing ever!! Thanks for the peek 🙂

  20. Hope you have a fab day out with the family.
    A x

  21. Hiya

    OOOOH I dont know which one I like best lol, probby the circle :O) Have a good week.


  22. Both of these mini books are gorgeous. The circle one is really feminine, but the square one could be for anyone, I think. Hope your week slows a bit, but if now, we’ll understand. Have a happy WOYWW.

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