Sunday-someplace-else (Daniel Torrente)


I am so in love with the Jill Penney/Daniel Torrente stamps from Stampotique I can hardly wait for my in-laws to arrive in October with some new images they will be bringing along with them.  Occasionally, I troll the net looking for info about these two talented people.  Their creativity knows no bounds.  I haven’t found much in the way of info but this page has a few links.

And I nearly fainted from delight when I opened the new window and spied DTs adorable (if deadly) clay dolls.  I covet them seriously.  This one, in particular, made me drool, I want it so bad! The picture of pure innocence, albeit with a knife. If this were a stamp, I’d have to have two – one to use and one to save!

Posts will be thin on the ground for the next week as I will be splashing in the pool with the kids, all day every day.  My batteries need recharging and that should do it.

2 thoughts on “Sunday-someplace-else (Daniel Torrente)

  1. the above image is Jill Penney’s 🙂 she does the cuter things…. they are friends of mine

    • Yes, after I emailed Daniel and asked him about this being made into a stamp he told me it was actually Jill’s design and that his stamp version was Karin (which I own) minus the knife 🙂 I adore her little clay dolls and the contrast between the sweet expression and the implied danger – and the twist in the tail of the knife in BOTH hands 🙂 I think I did correct this in a later post but good to add thei nfo to this original one as well. Thanks.

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