Crochet rose!

As promised, here is the crochet rose pattern I used.


Very pretty, and I did use one, crocheted exactly as the pattern specifies (although I only had a 1.5 mm hook, not a 1.75mm one) on my Masked layout, seen previously.  It is a bit tall, but not completely out of line for a scrapbook page, given the paper flowers I also used.

But I have been experimenting with other versions.  Making the rose with yarn, omitting the middle row, and a size E hook, still gives quite a tall flower.

Using the crochet cotton and omitting the middle row gives a flatter flower, perfect for adding to a page, although more pansy-like than rose-like, to my eye.  Using baby-weight yard and the 1.5mm hook, more like 40 chains in the beginning row, gives a yarn flower that is also less of a cupped rose but again, easier to add to a page.

A comparison:

Overall I love this pattern a lot, and think the rose it produces as specified is gorgeous.  It is only a couple of rows, simple stitches, and easy to do.  I say give it a go!