WOYWW – bunting

I got a 3″ triangle punch in a sale and have been playing around with it.  I am trying to make a pretty little bunting banner for DDs bedroom door.  She is a a huge fan of black clothes (not sure if that is partly because her brother, being slightly colour blind, seems to only own black tee shirts.  Seriously.  I bought him a blue one once and he looked at it, looked at me, and said “It’s BLUE,” like that was the end of the story) but her room is heavy on purple, so I’m hoping she likes this.  Just my little TV tray for a WOYWW desk this week because I went to a crop on Saturday and came home and just dumped it all on my desk – I’ve not sorted out the remnants of my SDC challenge yet!

I’m still fiddling with it (you can’t really tell but nothing is stuck down in the photo!) so no telling if this will be the final or not – a bit like the Stampotique birdcage from a day or two ago, it may have to go thru a few ch-ch-changes before it settles down.

One neat trick I found is to punch so the flat edge remains uncut, creating a folded triangle, perfect for attaching over a strand of ribbon.  I think I can easily make little gift cards from big punches, just by folding the paper and leaving one bit unpunched.  I’m sure it will work with my scallop punches….oh! and wouldn’t the waste card make a great mask to spray Cosmic Shimmer through?  Shades of my “curve tool” from yesterday LOL!

I have successfully commented on a few blogs over the last week, so I will be a commenting fool for WOYWW this week!  And I am so looking forward to it.