Curve tool


This looks dead boring, I know, but honestly, it is so helpful and something I use all the time.  I have a book ring that is full of curves.  Some are cut from papers that had great curves on them (one sheet of Basic Grey Archaic had really fab curves, top to bottom)

Some are curves I “made” using one of the flexible rules (not every one, but if I made one and really liked it, I made a template of it), some are things like the bracket shape (just one side – I rotate to create a full page bracket) traced from a piece of retail paper, oe bits of packaging, or labels.  Whenever I find a shape that I know I will use again and again, I make my template from cereal box card, punch a hole and thread it on my book ring.  It hangs on my wall and not a week goes by that I don’t drag it down to make a shape.  Sure, I drag out my Cricut, or fire up my Craft Robo for many shapes, but if I go to a crop or if I just want to cut one thing, this is far easier – especially as I can pick and choose exactly where I want the pattern of the paper to appear.

They work, too, as edge masks for things like Cosmic shimmer.  Scrapbooking stuff costs so much, I love being able to make use of something free (or certainly free-ish) and to be able to make my own bits from any paper I like.

Grab a book ring and start collecting curves now <smile>

2 thoughts on “Curve tool

  1. What a great tool. Where did you buy it. I love curves but I don’t use them much because I don’t have a tool.

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