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This week’s SSE is Knock-off Wood.  What an amazing blog.  The owner, Ana, is a SAHM, a IT type, and builds amazing stuff, completely self-taught, from what I can gather.  Lots of her projects make use of standard size (ie as you can buy them from the store) bits of wood, and her plans (never having made any of them) look very simple.  Two of my favourites are the loft bed for her daughter:

and the garden daybed (ok, perhaps less than practical in rainy England, but what bliss it would be to lie swinging gently on a warm and sunny day, under the apple tree, with a good book and a monstrous jug of iced tea.

She also has plans for some fab raised garden beds, an adorable toddler day-bed, a really  gorgeous farmhouse bed, made from scraps, and an amazing garden playhouse.

You may need to do a bit of converting of measurements and some of the US standard size as sold bits of wood may not be the same in the UK but in general I think even *I* could make one of these designs.