Scalloped rosettes with punches – the video

I did do the video for these the other day, then waited for it to fully load on You Tube and had a few issues. It took most of a day for the playback to work absolutely properly so now I feel I can post it and hopefully it will work.

One thing – the cardstock ones will want to spring open with just glue dots. I would strongly suggest firing up the trusty glue gun and putting a dab in the center then squeezing it shut and adding the embellishment to hide it. If you do that, just stitch the button to the topper (circle or scalloped circle) and stick it on rather than struggling to get a needle thru the middle which is full of dried glue-gun glue!

People comment a lot on my vids, asking about the music. USUALLY it’s just an appropriate length MusicShake instrumental added via the You Tube AudioSwap process (which takes FOREVER, when it’s working) but this one is actually my FIL singing with his previous band. I just love his voice and it’s a shame both my kids got their vocal talent from my side (tone deaf, all of them) and not from him. I love my kids, but hearing my DD sing along to Girls Aloud, if bottled, could work well as a paint stripper, and when I sing along to the radio or iPod, my kids just roll their eyes and say “Mom – please. Stop” DS is a bit better, but he will never belt out a tune, so it all sounds a bit hesitant. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it, even if old-timey bluegrass isn’t your thing. I did set the music to play at 1/2 volume when I did the video but I’m not sure if YT doesn’t set volume to a certain level, and that overrides the video settings.

Enough dithering. This is what you want to see:

And I’ll include a few close ups of the rosettes once my camera battery recharges.