WOYWW – 11/8/2010

Quite a busy day as we are taking DD to meet up with her charity group and see her off for her weekend in Cornwall.  And getting DH and DS ready for Cropredy.  BUT, I have still have a lot on my desk!

Not sure how many WOYWWers read the blogs that link there on any day other than Weds. but if you DID see my blog last week you would have seen this post about using the Martha Stewart score board to make paper rosettes. Well, I was tidying and came across a series of little strips that I had punched a scallop along, borrowing the punch at a crop.  I hadn’t done anything with them but in an instant I could see lovely scalloped rosettes so I gave it a go.  What you can sort of see are some of the samples I have been working on for another You Tube video explaining how I did them and some of the pitfalls various punches produced – and how to overcome them.  I just love these.  Although I try very hard not to fall back on flowers as the generic embellishment, I do love making them and do love using them on pages about my DD.

There is also a mini-book page on a chunk of cardboard started, and a little Steampunk thingie I have been playing with (I saw Neil Stephenson had a new book out, which it made me think of the cyberpunk authors I read heavily way back when, of  The Difference Engine, which had to be one of the first instances of “steampunk” ever, and one of my all time-favourite books, and….well, you know how it goes!)

So quite a varied selection of projects.  And the best news?  Blogger announced on their forum they would be rolling out something this week to solve the “WordPress folk can’t comment” problem I have been hit by the last couple of  weeks!  YAY!  I tried a comment on a blogspot blog yesterday and it seemed to have taken, although I will have to go back and check that it actually appeared but I am hopeful!

I’ll probably do that video today, if I can, so do check back if you are interested or find me on You Tube as UKmaryanne.