Paper rosettes

A year or more ago I sent a mini-book back with DH to give to his Aunt and Uncle.  His auntie is a bit of an artist herself, and she very kindly sent back to me both a mini she made by scanning the book I sent and embellishing it with some extra goodies AND a couple of little cards for the kids.  The cards each had money, folded in interesting ways, and I always meant to pursue how to make them but never did.

You can see one is a little rosette and one is a curled heart.  So sweet (although it didn’t stop the kids from disassembling them and spending the money!)

The other day I saw the Tim Holtz die that makes paper rosettes.  As I have said it is only recently I got an actual die cut machine (with both a Craft Robo and a Cuttlebug it seemed a bit redundant to get a manual machine) but the lovely embossing folders meant I needed something and the pasta machine just wasn’t doing it for me in the end.   Anyway, the paper rosette die looks interesting but not sure if my machine, a very old Zip-e-mate, would do the job so I looked for a way to make them with stuff I had.  The Martha Stewart score board, with it’s multitude of evenly placed scoring grooves, proved the perfect solution.  I did a little You Tube video on how I did it, incorporating Auntie’s idea of the tied element through the layers to hold it all in place. and I just love how sweet they look.

I imagine it would be easy enough to make them in a few sizes, and I assume other scoring systems would work too, but as I have the MS one (which I love) that’s what I used. Have a go.  They are really easy and can be made from as little as a 1 inch strip of patterned paper.  I think they would also make adorable graduation cards, for example, making a bit more out of a gift of “folding money” than just a little sleeve, or sticking the bill inside the card.