Ages ago I did my very first YouTube “video,” of a paper bag book that I made for Scrapbook Inspirations, because the step by steps were far too many to photograph for the magazine.  Since then I have done a “helper” video, for some people who could not get their heads around the original instructions, and then, once I got the new iMovie, a better quality version that incorporated the helper steps.  Between the three, they have over 20,000 hits.  And that stuns me. 

Considering I don’t do live action videos, just sort of animated slideshows, that people look at them (and I have approaching 400 subscribers) still makes me happy.  I love the teaching aspect of the internet, and the fact that so many people are so willing to share, for free, things they have learned – I’ve learned loads for You Tube, from blogs, from forums like UKScrappers, and from people at crops – is amazing.

My DS is something of a video editing whiz-kid – not scrapbooking, you understand, but Call of Duty montages where people document amazing “kills” or unique shots.  I look at what he does with the raw gameplay footage, how he melds all the clips and adds effects and sound, and I think I should be hiring him to do videos for me LOL!  Not entirely sure that editing a scrapbooking video would be very exciting for him, but you never know. But we had an interesting discussion over the weekend.  He and a mate sat down and, over a few hours of gameplay, figured out the exact spot to reliably make a shot that will take out a recently-spawned adversary (ok, if you DON’T have a teenage son you may have NO IDEA what I am on about, but bear with me – there is a point I am circling back around to!) and  where they have no way to defend themselves, and one of the first things he said was (here is the point)  that a) it wasn’t fair that only some people knew this info and could exploit it and b) that he wanted to do a video that shared the info so EVERYONE could learn how to capitalize on the glitch.  He felt that leveled the playing field a bit.

It surprised me.  I thought he might be inclined to simply use this info to his advantage (which seems the natural teen-as-center-of-the-universe sort of thing to do) but instead he thought sharing the info was a better choice.

I hope that people always share freely on the internet.  The capacity for both teaching and learning is huge and it would be a shame to see that lost.

And now, back to doll making – yes, I KNOW I said the last one was the LAST ONE. but somehow, DD talked me in to making another LAST ONE, so I best get on with it.  The best I can hope for is to delay the next LAST ONE for as long as possible….