WOYWW 4/8/2010


Welcome to the WOYWW-ers!  Drop by (and join in) here! I’ve had two weeks where all my comments on Blogspot blogs have either given me an error message or flipped back to the comment screen with no confirmation that the comment was saved.  Thank you if, despite this, you STILL visit and comment on MY blog.  I’ve tried using a different browser (well, three of them, actually) and am no closer to figuring out what the problem is.  I will keep trying – I saw some fab stuff that I WANTED to comment on but after 5 or more long comments typed and not one of them appearing I have to admit I just gave up.  I plan to try to comment on a few favourite blogs today to see if the problem has sorted itself out.  Fingers crossed.  If it happens again I may just email me comments to those who include an email address. Grrr. {and just to update, this seems to be a problem for many WordPress users according to the Blogger help forum >here. Is this Blogger’s not-so-subtle was to encourage people to switch?}

Desk first – a horrific mess.

What I am working n is a little technique tag book.  I have a few things that I believe I “invented” and thought it would be useful to document the methods because I tend to forget exactly how I got the effect.

Here are a few of them:

The first is a resist technique (and I so did not invent THAT one) over gridded notebook paper. Next one it is hard to see but it is a sort of shadow effect with a stamp first in metallic acrylic paint and then overstamped.  Next is a bit of canvas, painted then run thru in a Cuttlebug folder painted in a darker colour then stitched on to a tag (did a You Tube post on this one.  Last is  tag, painted with acrylic paint, then same idea – paint a Cuttlebug folder and run it thru to emboss and deposit the darker paint over where the raised bits are.  Then I embossed the whole tag with clear embossing powder.

I have a few more I want to do in this sort of tag format:

The one on the left has a chunk of coffee filter glued to the tag before it is embossed (one of the Tim Holtz texture folders) and then it is smudged with Distress Ink.  It give a fabulous texture to the tag, almost linen-like, which I love love LOVE.  The other is a card, using the mono-printing technique, but tweaked a bit and again you totally cannot see it, but I stamped with Versamark over the alcohol ink and dusted on Pearl-ex.  The AI is on dye-sub printer paper, which is a little grid of rounded rectangles.  I love the effect of this as well!

Here is a previously posted photo that shows it a lot better:

That is enough for now – looking forward to visiting, even if I can’t manage to comment – but I am SO hoping I can.

46 thoughts on “WOYWW 4/8/2010

  1. That is no mess …its just a pile of inspiration. Everything is brilliant …love them all. The tag with the leaves is a simple design but so eyecatching …and all the tile work …. beautiful

  2. Oooooooooooh lovely things to ogle at. I’m sorry you’ve had probs with Blogger. I tried about 3 different browsers with my last laptop and then it did me a favour and died so I had to buy a new one!

  3. WOW i just found your utube vids.. how cool, i’ve subbed 🙂

  4. oh my you are a tad untidy but what fab things you have created from it

  5. Mess??? What Mess? I am guessing you have tidied it away by now because I can’t see mess but I am a full 24 hours late :0)

  6. Luverly desk 🙂 MY kind of desk :))

  7. Blogger is messing with several of us today. I have opened blogs, then they snip off, sometimes can get back by refreshing and sometimes not. So they did not get comments on them.

  8. great art work, thanks for sharing the techniques – very inspirational!


  9. Blogger must be conspiring against you as it wouldn’t show me your desk, but the tags are marvellous.

    ** Kate **

  10. Wow, what fab tags – love that butterfly! Your desk is merely creativity in progress!

  11. Lovely artwork and your tags are to die for – so creative. thank you for sharing big Hugs Jo.xx

  12. Great artwork hun :0)
    I used to have a blog on wordpress, hated it, so I tranfered it all to blogger :0)
    *hugs* Heather x

  13. Amazing, amazing artwork! I’ve been getting that stupid error all morning too, so frustrating! I’ve discovered I only get it on Blogger blogs that open a new window for the comments, if the comments are contained on the original post page them I don’t get the error.


  14. wow, your craft space and work is amazing!!

    If you are interested, I am offering 3 Bon Voyage Magnolia stamps as candy on a new blog I am starting up – if you would like to enter, please click here.

    Leanne xx

  15. So glad that at least we can comment on your blog because it is full of great art work – thanks for sharing the techniques too!

  16. Really enjoyed snooping at all your stuff and thanks for all the ideas, and tips on backgrounds in those gorgeous tags. hope you get all your comments today!
    jo x

  17. well it all looks just lovely to me! Love your watch stamp, tags paints pens!!
    Have a great WOYWW!

  18. Oooh love those tags, especially the browny one on the end with the leaves, and I love the AI technique too.

  19. How ever did u think if painting inside a cuttlebug folder?! What kind of paint do u use n does it come off easily?!!

  20. Very like my desk, but I love it, the tags are super too !!

  21. I love messy desks you get more out of them I think. Lovely tags and nice ideas

    Love Dawn xx

  22. 1. So sorry you are not able to comment (gets me frustrated sometimes too). If I know things aren’t going right, I copy my text before submitting it. Then if it’s gone, I can still paste it not having to type everything again. Hope this helps a bit 🙂
    2. Such lovely tags! WOW they look amazing. May I suggest to put a sticker at the back describing the technique and materials you’ve used? I’ve got a book like that as well (“binded” together with a bookring) and find it very very usefull!
    Thanks for the look at your desk this week
    Have a lovely day!
    ** Evi **

  23. I really like your tags. Do you know, I have never made an ATC… I think I will try this week. Yep. I am going to. It’s a mission now.

  24. Lovely work

  25. Ooooo your desk is looking fab and messy this week! And I love the way you’ve spread out onto every available surface – I do that too.
    Gorgeous tags xx

  26. TBH MA, if you’re having trouble leaving comments, with allyour computer knowledge and understanding, I’d say it’s insurmountable. I’m not in it for comments, I just LURVE to see what you’re up to. And no disappontment here – those tags are delicious, love the rounded corner rectangles – really effective.

  27. arrghh – negotiating the pop ups!!!!!

    Lovely lovely work – fabulous colours,

    hope the comments thing works itself out…

  28. Fab collection of tags and techniques.


  29. Lovely creative clutter and some fab art work. Thanks for sharing your tips and techniques.

  30. I really love those tags and thanks so much for explaining how you made them. They are each lovely in their own right. Such creativity in those stamps, too. Great post today. Happy WOYWW.

  31. OOOOOH I love your tags soooo pretty.

    Thanks for sharing

  32. Gorgeous tags! Love the ones with grids!


  33. WOW I love Tags and these are stunning – thanks for my snoop around your desk and space – love Liz ;o)

  34. wonderful art today! and i’m drooling over your copics. do they last long? they are quite expensive so hopefully they will last for a lot of projects.

  35. Nice tags. I spy your copics in the photo too. Sigh. I can only dream

  36. Hi ya
    great piccies, gorgeous tags, lovely creative desk, have great day, sue,x

  37. Oh! a girl after my own heart. I love all your work, anything
    Mr Tim goes down a treat with me. You are very talented.
    Luv Joanne xx

  38. oh wow loving the atcs,and the rest is just awesome,that is what I call a really creative post hugs cheryl xxxx

  39. Loving your work it’s so beautiful and such gorgeous colours!! The desk looks amazing there is just so much on there!! lol Love Chanelle xx

  40. What gorgeous art work on show today.
    A x

  41. Wow those tags are fabulous – thanks for sharing – I too like to have a pile of stuff with instructions/equipment used written on the back so that I can remember how I made it! I keep tags on a book ring and other things in a ring binder – sometimes if I make something I really like for someone I have to make them another one and keep one for myself! Its a good trick though isnt it especially if you run out of ideas you can inspire yourself!

  42. Brilliant tags!! Great desk xx I would love you to pop over to my blog for the chance of some candy :0) xx

  43. love all the colours in your Art, look at all your copics i am so jealous

  44. The tags are stunning, sorry to hear you’re having computer difficulties – so frustrating when gremlins invade! 🙂

  45. A horrific mess? Just looks artistically creative to me! Really interesting technique on painting the Cuttlebug folder – will be back to find you on YouTube after breakfast!

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