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A digi-layout

OK, so I am not a digi scrapper.  Every 6 months or so I make a digi layout, usually because I got a free kit someplace and like it.  No change here then – I finally got around to downloading the free kits from the 2nd Scrapbook Inspirations Idea Book and thought they were very pretty.  I used many of the elements   (By Katie Pertiet) and a couple of things from various 2Peas freebies or downloaded from who knows where.  DH had snapped a photo of DD eating (as she said) a candyfloss bigger than my HEAD during their weekend away at WOMAD and emailed it to me so rather that let the time get away from me I took a minute (hour? more?) to turn it into a layout.

Overall I do quite like the layout.  I struggled more than I should have working out getting the originally black grid the right colour and opacity for the look I wanted. I had a sort of gothic grunge image in the lower right (much like the one on her shirt) but in the end found I liked it better as just a small cluster at the top.  I don’t think I am done – I did save it in layers, so easy enough to make the photo bigger (which is the one change I think I will like) and play around with it a bit more.

I can see the appeal of digi – it leaves a much cleaner desk in the end, which is very nice, and I love that I can go back and change things once I’ve “lived with” them for a day or so, which is always when I look back and think “well, I really should have done THAT!” but unless I were going to print the pages, or have them made into some sort of Photobox book (and for that I would have to do a whole lot more of them) then I just don’t find it appealing to scroll thru digi-layouts on my Mac the same way I like to flip through my paper albums.

So, I’m sure in 6 months I’ll do another one….