Just a couple of layouts

They are threshing and baling in the fields that surround us this week, so noisy and wheat flying everywhere.  Here is a layout that makes it all seem a lot more peaceful!

I have a stamp SOMEPLACE of some wheat stalks which may fill that gap in the top right.  Just not sure of it bothers me or not  to have the space blank – it FEELS like it needs something in the spot – Maybe covering my crappy handwriting up with blocks of journaling? Maybe adding a chunk of patterned paper, even, but I think it needs to germinate a bit longer before I am sure.

And I was spending some time with my DS yesterday, while DD and DH were off at ice skating (where DD skated completely on her own for the whole session for the first time – so proud of her!) and we were having fun, just the two of us.  He was showing me his COD video montages of legendary kills (yep, nothing like a set of three one-shot head shot kills in a row!) and some of the effects he added during the video editing (to avoid cleaning his room) and it took me right back to another time we spent making finger puppets and painting just after DD was born.  How times have changed, but he was then and still is forever MY BOY.

Have a happy Monday!