WOYWW – making progress!


Another WOYWW – check out the blog and join in – it’s fun and always inspirational!

Still working on my little mini about love (go back to yesterday’s post to see the cover) but not done yet!

I had a happy accident that I think needs further exploration.  I had printed a photo on some cheap photo paper (just unearthed it while tidying and wanted to use it up) and the ink was taking forever to dry.  I had the pot of interference violet out as I used it on the wings on the cover so on a whim I dusted it over the still wet photo.  It makes the photo look a little dull tilted one way but tilted the other the iridescent violet really shows.  I think this could be a bit fun to experiment with! Not sure if it will show up but here are a couple of photos:

Since DD and DS are off out for the day I have high hopes for lots of WOYWW visits! And with luck I’ll finish this up in between hopping around the internet and post it tomorrow.

52 thoughts on “WOYWW – making progress!

  1. Aw fabby little book, can’t wait to see it finishe dx

  2. wow what a gorgeous looking project

  3. That looks like fun to make- and it’s looking real good!

  4. ooo that purple turned out great!!! happu woyww 😀

  5. Love your squash book – and how different to put it in a tag. Looking forward to seeing the finished product.

  6. Love the interference violet! it makes the photo very vintage-y.

  7. Oh MA, you sure get on with things…I have to walk round them for ages and I hate procrastination in others!! What a skill! Love the idea of the mica on the photos – shows up beautifully on here – what a fab light bulb moment.

  8. what a fab effect – got to love happy accidents!
    Lou xx

  9. Oh it looks very interesting, fab colour effect.


  10. This looks fabulous!

  11. Oh how divine the book is going to be when finished it looks all lovey dovey. Have a great evening. lol Jo.xx

  12. One word springs to mind ‘BEAUTIFUL’, love the colours, sentiments and pictures. Thanks for sharing, hugs Heidi xx

  13. oh i love those interference pads…i must dig mine out for a play…
    love to see the mini when its finished too…looks gorgeous xx

  14. Happy accidents are always the best. I love it when that happens. I hope you do follow it up as i think you will be able to get some great results.

    i really like your tag and the way you have made the chinese fold booklet.

  15. Great idea with the powders. It looks really good.

    ** Kate **

  16. lovely mini and a great happy accident… thanks for sharing
    Jo x

  17. Hi,
    loving the folds its like one of those things we use to make at school with the numbers & colours on!
    Hugs x

  18. Interesting effect, thanks for sharing Pam x

  19. The mini book is looking great. Nice discovery about the pigment powder
    Anne x

  20. Like the way your brave experimenting is coming together. Can’t wait to see the finished project.

  21. Your mini looks lovely, looking forward to seeing the finished project.

  22. That’s a great project – love the lilac “accident”.

  23. Love your tag, will have to look back when it’s finished

    Have a good WOYWW, ((Lyn))

  24. lovely project thanks for sharing – love Liz

  25. What a fab looking project, and a fab happy accident, very unusual effect, and defiantly worth more play time!

  26. Your project is stunning.

  27. I Love Happy Accidents! That is certainly turning out Freakin’ Awesome. What a cool idea.
    Happy WOYWW to you momma.

  28. Happy accidents are the BEST! Love the effect and I too would like to know what interfence is 😉

  29. Love the mini book hun :0) Aren’t all crafts happy accidents they are called new techniques lol.
    *hugs* Heather x

  30. I really think the effect works well, so nice 🙂

  31. Loving the mini book … the colour is divine!

  32. And how fun an accident can be 🙂
    Lovely project with beautifull colours!
    Have a nice day
    ** Evi **

  33. Your artwork is coming along beautifully, can’t wait to see the finished item. Lovely subtle colours too. Great art. Tracy Evans x

  34. lovely effect and the little book looks amzaing

  35. I love the look of that album…the love word/stamp is divine. I also love your happy accident/exploration.

    Thanks for sharing and looking forward to seeing the completed album


  36. What a lovely tag! Like the sentiment!

  37. I think this project is brilliant and I love the effect of your ‘Happy Accident’ … I am sure that this is how mant techniques are discovered xx

  38. Hi
    your mini album looks lovely, look forward to seeing the end result, have great day, sue,x

  39. I really love the effects with the photo. Well done you for experimenting.
    A x

  40. Super project and workdesk !

  41. oh this is really beautiful love the colurs great photo too love cheryl xxxxx

  42. Great effect on the photo, I love the colour as well.

  43. Fabulous effect. I love happy accidents. Will pop back to see your finished mini.

  44. Looks a really great effect, can’t wait to see the finished mini.


  45. your project is looking good! i love all the details!

  46. Love the effect often the things we do by mistake are some of the best effects.Trial and error i say…Cant wait to see finished album.Have great day hugs judex

  47. Great effect, what a discovery!

  48. Glad it was a happy accident :0) The book is looking fab.
    Kate x

  49. This is amazing, I love the look of these, but think I would get confused with all them folds, I love the purple.

  50. ooh what a fun play day! have fun.

  51. I like how this book is turning out. I am curious, what is the pot of interference, a mica powder, embossing powder, or ? I sure like the effect, though. Happy WOYWW.

  52. Really interesting effect – look forward to seeing what you do with it again …

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