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To Blathe

It’s been a crazy couple of days.  Lots of running the kids around, lots of disrupted time at my desk, lots of NOISE, due to band practice (a word of warning – most band practice has to be done at the drummer’s house!  If you aren’t up for it, encourage your child to play something small and portable) so this little project has been started and stopped more times than I care to say.  And it is still not done.  But DD is at the office with her Dad and DS is at a movie with mates and it is blissfully quiet for the next couple of hours. With luck I can finish it.  But rather than miss out another day here is the cover – innards still in progress but at least I have a plan at the moment.

A little bit of explanation – “To blathe” is what Miracle Max interprets the utterances made by our hero, Wesley, as he lies not quite, but very nearly, dead.  When asked why he wants to live he says “True Love”, which Max, reluctant to help, tries to claim was actually To Blathe.  Brilliant movie.  Better book.

The letters are THickers (gold originally, but sponged with Pearl daubber paint) and the wings are from one of Tim’s collections, stamped with Dusty Concord and dusted with Violet Interference Pearl-ex.  As to the inside, that will have to wait another day, while I crack on and try to finish it.  To be honest I’m not 100% sure what I have planned for the inside will work, but we shall see.