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Not strictly speaking a craft site, but worth a look if you want a giggle.  Regretsy is a site that highlights misguided Etsy items and there are some seriously unbelievable items listed – the Twilight paintings alone will have your jaw dropping faster than you can say “Bite me!” But the ones that have me in stitches today are the wall decals, and these two in particular:


Honestly.  And, ok, I freely admit I don’t really get the whole Fairy thing, but surely, SURELY, this is a step too far!

There is a book, and all proceeds from the sales go towards charity:

Profits from Regretsy merchandise are used to hire Etsy artists to create handmade products for various charities, or to directly benefit Etsy sellers in need.

All revenue generated by is donated to charitable works. See our Charity page for complete information.

Money raised to date for all projects: $8073.68

Some of the listing make me wonder it an Etsy psychiatric fund might be one place to stockpile money because clearly there is a need.

I’ll end with something where I cannot decide if it’s genius or insanity – the blurb, here, says: You too can be part of the Twilight saga. It’s a photoshopped poster where YOU can be the one in Jacob’s arms. Fine for a star-struck teen, but can you imagine?