One of those days – and a true goth card

Yesterday was one of those days. Morning spent getting DH and the kids sorted out for their weekend at WOMAD (and apparently not well sorted as DDs raincoat zipper split not soon after they arrived and no back up – Bad Mommy, bad bad Mommy) and then a trip out to DDs school for the final end of year assembly. I’m not ashamed to admit I got quite tearful, seeing her up on the stage singing to Waving Flag when it came to the “when I get older, I will be stronger…” line (soppy Mommy, soppy soppy Mommy) then back home and loading them up and waving them off. In between I had a horrible moment when it appeared my camera died a death, but a little fiddling and a different memory card and it came back to life, thank goodness. Then, the phone system, which is a VOIP system, died with the internet, but only for a few hours. Slept funny and woke today with a pain in my back that meant moving gingerly was the order of the day, when cleaning, and lots of it, was the plan. Best laid plans and all that….

Anyway, after last week’s comment by DS that a card I made for one of his friends birthdays was a bit too “goth” I decided I would make a really goth card to show him the difference. I know he has at least one friend that it will suit, and if not it was still an interesting experience. I had seen a few articles in my newly-acquired stash of Craft Stamper back issues on making “masterboards” and also a post or two from WOYWW about “one sheet wonders” so sort of combined the two ideas into one.

First I made the background by smudging a few colours of Distress Ink on cardstock, then spritzed it with Cosmic Shimmer, then with water, then layered a variety of stamps over it. I didn’t go down the whole OSW path and cut it up in pre-determined chunks to create 12+ cards, but I did slice off a strip to make this:

The wings are a Tim Holtz stamp and the skull came from that same Viva StampVegas grab-bag from 10+ years back.  The font is Billy Argel NightStalker from DaFont.  All in all making the masterboard was both fun and a lesson in what not to do (should NOT have used a text stamp that doesn’t work well sideways, but then they DID say that in at least one of the articles so shame on me for not paying attention.)  I can see this working really well for a couple of projects I have in my head so I expect I’ll play around with it a bit more.

Happy to say the painkillers are working a bit so I may get to do the cleaning after all… oh joy.