WOYWW – 21 July 2010


Another WOYWW – Check it out and join in – it’s always fun!!

A deceptive workdesk this week.  No scrappy or stamp-y project but a load of stamps, now neatly organized in CD cases.  In the back you can just about see a couple of desk tidy things I got at TK Maxx (I always type that as TJ Maxx first, as that’s what they call it in the USA) that nicely house all my Cosmic Shimmer mists and my Radiant Rain and the couple of Tattered Angels glimmer mist, although I am considering just tossing them in the bin as I really don’t like them by comparison to the (cheaper, richer) Cosmic Shimmers in one and all my various glues and Glossy Accents (sepia, crackle, matt and glossy).  Just under the CD cases, which I have in the top shelf of a dish rack from Homebase. you can almost see an issue of Craft Stamper, open to an article by Lousette on making your own papers – the one technique I really like involves repeatedly stamping script, clear embossing over a flourish, then rubbing ink over it all, with the embossed bit resisting the ink.  Love it.  Her articles always inspire me and I was lucky enough to pick up a handful of back issues for £2 at the Newbury Stamp show so I have lots to try out!

Oh yes, and my big Disney mug of iced tea!  Couldn’t make it thru the hot summer without it!

Last week I got A LOT of error messages when trying to comment on Blogger. It didn’t follow a pattern that I could determine, but it was very annoying.  With luck this week it will be a whole lot better.  I saw some fab stuff on desks across the net last week and expect to see the same this week and I do like to be able to comment so here’s hoping.

52 thoughts on “WOYWW – 21 July 2010

  1. Lots of interesting things here this week. Sorry about my tardy response , but I’ve been slightly hors de combat since Wednesday.
    The TJ TK thing always confuses me too. (I lived in the states for a while).
    Love your containers!

  2. Great storage idea!
    Tea? Yes please.

  3. I love the metal holders, I’m always one for craft storage 🙂 Can’t get enough of the stuff! x

  4. love the storage racks, it all looks so tidy

  5. Now how comes I never find cool stuff in TK maxx that I can use 😦 oh well I’ll have to keep my beady little eyes open in the future. Great system, my stamps (mounted and unmounted are all in my drawers so I end up pulling them all out to find the one or set that I want…then they don’t go back in the drawer for a few weeks and I wonder why I have so much stuff on my table hehehehe.
    Like the sound of the paper too and what a bargain you got with those as well.
    Sam x

  6. wow what a wonderful stamp collection..seeing this is making me want to organize the few i have..thanks for sharing..happy woyww!

  7. Hi Mary Anne

    lovely looking cd cases I really need to sort my craft space out and I am thinking cd cases


  8. Love those storage racks at the back – cosmic shimmer mists are great aren’t they?! Such gorgeous, rich colours. x

  9. Ohhh CD case heaven !!

  10. Oh you’ve gone and dunnit! All I do is talk about it! Will lvoe to hear how this organisation works for you. Interseting opinion on the cosmic shimmers/mists thing too. For a spoonful of your organisation!!

    • I have decided my yin yang means that whilst at work i am a totally organised tidy freak, then when I art/craft the opposite has to come out so I overall stay in balance ( its otherwise called rationalisation – really i;m just naturally messy)

  11. I’ve got those desk tidys too (in pink!!) gotta love tk maxx!

  12. Hi, what a fab idea – so organised! (I love radiant rain and cosmic shimmer mists too).
    Rach xxx

  13. Thanks for the snoop -some great cards on earlier blogs too!

  14. Lots of lovely organisation going on here – I’ve got my nesties in CD cases like that, but my stamps are another matter altogether! And that’s a great selection of inks there – I like the Cosmic Shimmer ones too …

  15. Love your metal storage containers…I will gladly take your Glimmer mists off your hands!lol

    Thanks for sharing your space with us all!!

  16. I love the desk tidy things, they look fine!

    I have to agree with you, I prefer the Cosmic Shimmers.

    Thanks for sharing.


  17. Ohhhh, the cases for the stamps is Genius. You, girl, are a visionary.
    I have a slight organisation problem, and I am definitely going to remember your easy peasy case solution to the stamp storage. This does not mean that I’ll actually employ it – I’ll just feel guilty about my stamp mess and remember your idea of keeping them organised.
    I love iced tea too! I make a pitcher every day in the sun! Yippee for another tea girl!
    Happy WOYWW!

  18. Fab neatness on your desk there! x

  19. What a great storage idea that is

  20. a very organised desk love the desk tidies how long will the things remain in them though!

  21. Fantastic storage for your stamps! I’ve recently organised mine into a folder but already needing to expand into another, well you can never have too many stamps can you? 🙂 Have a wonderful WOYWW!

  22. wow we’re all envious of those yummy racks from tk maxx…i wonder if they do online shopping ;0)

  23. Very tidy, will have to try the cd idea.


  24. what fantastic organisation … love the metal storage from TK maxx too !

  25. Love the CD storage idea…simple things eh? Have you also tried Sticky Fingers Spray inks……our local craft shop sells them for £3.25 each and they are brill.

  26. Great but very tidy-give me a wide view and maybe I’ll believe you! LOL BettyXXX

  27. Hi there, what a great stamp storage system, you have inspired me to get organised, lol!

    Have a lovely day and thanks for sharing your WOYWW, hugs Heidi xx

  28. Do you know … I have never tried Iced Tea … maybe I should :0)

  29. Lovely neat storage for your stamps Mary Anne!

  30. That looks like an amazing stamp storage system. Isn’t it hard to find the right stamp in there if all the boxes look the same? 🙂
    ** Evi **

  31. Wow your rubber stamps are so tidy and you can see whats in all the cases.

  32. Yes those containers we can spy are lovely 🙂 Ooh very neat and tidy stamps.
    Anne x

  33. Amazing!1st lady of the week.. don’t you sleep? LOL! Love the CD storage, have a great WOYWW day,
    Jo x

  34. Soz, read goling as going. Must cut my nails!!!
    Joanne xx

  35. A true wow meaning goling on there.
    Luv Joanne x

  36. oh just love a neat desk love the storage too hugs cheryl xxxx

  37. Congrats on getting your stamps in cases, if you are visiting the Derby area, can you do mine….please.
    You have some lovely storage items.
    Tracey x

  38. Great stamp storage, are you gonna keep it tidy???

    ** Kate **

  39. that is brilliant! well done you on sitting down and getting them sorted 🙂

  40. Lovely tidy desk now! Love your cd – stamp cases!


  41. Great storage and so organised….I need to borrow you for a few hours.


  42. How organised are you 🙂
    A x

  43. great desk this week, very good idea with the CD cases and stamps, I have put a few of mine in these too, might add a few more now…have a good WOYWW!

  44. love your stamp storage idea and good luck this week with mr Blogger…he is probably off picking on someone else…hugs kath xxx

  45. Your desk looks very organized 🙂
    hugs Nikki c

  46. How neat is your desk ! xx Happy WOYWW xx

  47. Love the desk tidies.

  48. what a great idea with the cd cases!

  49. I just had trouble commenting on Julia’s blog, so who knows what Blogger is up to. You have SO many stamps. If I were a stamper, I would love this system. Very tidy.

  50. Loving the stamp tidy.. wish I have the time ( ok bother) to do it, lol but have to say, bet it’s easier than sticking them in draws to see what you have!

  51. Hi Mary Anne
    wow lovely tidy desk, luv all the metal holders, still hot n sticky here, have great day, sue,x

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