Alcohol ink technique

I haven’t had much time to browse YouTube recently, but I did find a few minutes the end of last week to have a quick look.  I saw a Ranger video for making a necklace using Memory Glass and alcohol ink.  The technique, for embossing over the AI, trapping the colour, was a cool one, but in reality, the likelihood of me making a necklace was pretty slim (also, I have no memory glass, frosted or otherwise) so I looked for a way to make the technique usable for ME.  I did it on acetate (always a bit risky with a heat gun as melting of the acetate is a distinct possibility unless you keep the gun moving and far enough away to prevent melting while close enough to actually melt the embossing powder) and was delighted that it worked and looked pretty cool.

Here is the video slideshow I did for it.

I think it could make nifty embellishments and would also make a very cool ATC background! Have fun, but take care!