Another layout – must be a record!


I did another layout, one I had planned for the crop but never got to (too busy chatting I suppose)

It’s interesting.  I always refused to use my own handwriting on layouts – it’s rubbish, as you can see, with none of the charm of Shimelle’s, for example, and no matter how many times she urged me to just let it go, to not worry about how bad it looks, and just add that bit of me to my layouts, I just could not do it.  I did try – I usually add something small, like the date, even if journaling is mostly done on the Mac, in a nifty font, but no matter how I practiced or lightly wrote first in pencil, it looks crap.  But weirdly, my shopping list often looks quite stylish, or at least by comparison.  Why can’t I make my journaling look that good?

Cleaning up some very messy junk drawers, I found something.  It was a little handwritten note my Grandmother sent with an engagement gift to me and DH.  I’ve saved it all these years. I keep finding it, looking at it, welling up a bit, then tucking it away “someplace safe” and losing track of it again till the next time I stumble across it.  It’s nothing special, in what it says, but the fact my Grandmother wrote it makes it special to me.  It made me think that just maybe in 20 years time my kids might like to see my messy handwriting.  So I have allowed it to creep onto my layouts a bit more.  I don’t think I will ever give up computer journaling, especially when it is very long, as my journaling often is. but for now I am trying to let it go.  But I swear, the first time one of my kids asks “What the heck does THAT say?” I will abandon my handwriting for clarity!

I did experiment with making 3D daffs but in the end this little sprig of flowers looked a whole lot better.  And the photos, while old, make me so happy that my kids actually really get along well.  DS is so protective of his sister, and she delights in “annoying” him (part of her bedtime routine is to get her jammies on, brush her teeth, get her night brace on, then “go annoy Jackson,” said just like that.  She opens his bedroom door and throws a sock at him while he is “killing stuff” on COD. or makes rude noises then says “JACK!” like it was him, if she sees he is on Skype and then giggles madly.  To be fair, he tells her “you smell” all the time, so he isn’t without his own annoyance techniques.) but it’s something they share that, unless its in danger of getting out of hand, I try not to interfere with.  My favourite layouts are almost always ones with them interacting and I hope they will appreciate them too, later in life – and overlook my rubbish writing!

4 thoughts on “Another layout – must be a record!

  1. I think your handwriting is beautiful. I know what you mean though – I think exactly the same about mine. I do a page I’m really happy with and then ‘ruin’ it by writing on it.

  2. One more thing…I think you should do a layout with Grandma’s note. That would be awesome!

  3. That’s so funny…I’ve always thought your handwriting is pretty while, at 44, mine looks exactly the same as it did when I was a kid, so all my writing looks like it was written by a 2nd grader! In fact, now that I think about it, your handwriting looks very much like Dad’s. You should pull out a card from him and compare it and I think you will be surprised!!

  4. what a lovely layout. I love the photos and how happy and fun loving the children are. I loved your little rememberence.
    And btw…your handwriting in not so bad! I think we are all critical of our own writing and try not to use it- something I need to overcome as well.

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