SDC 11 – Christmas in July

Arrgghhh!  I usually try to avoid the C word (no, not THAT one, the December holiday one) until at least November.  Must be because I’m American.  Most of Autumn is taken up with planning and prep for Thanksgiving, which is HUGE for us.  We always have a big feast, invite over friends, and spend a week recovering from stuffing-and-pumpkin-pie overload.  So to be asked, in JULY, to make my brain focus on something I try to avoid is not just a challenge, but a monumental one.

So when the Stampotique Challenge was Christmas in July, I bit the bullet and made a card.  Looks innocent enough, with the panel-door effect and the wreath made from that old leaf-frond punch we all seemed to have 10 years ago.  Brads for doorknobs, the ubiquitous mini-letters and a bit of ribbon:

And then inside, (and do feel free to groan – you know it’s a really bad play on words):

I knew what I wanted to do, but finding the stamps was harder.  The missile is part of a stamp I got in a grab-bag about 15 years ago (If I had to guess I would say it was probably Viva StampVegas) of a dog, with goggles, and a missile strapped to his back.

<slight deviation – Yep, I was right, and they still sell it here>

The toad is a cute little frog from a Banana Frog set (Charming Prince), with the crown cut off.  To be fair, when I showed it to DS, who usually “gets” my bizarre train of thought, and asked him what it made him think of, in the context of Christmas, he looked and looked and finally said “What does a rocket-frog have to do with Christmas?  And why are you asking me this in JULY?” So I am aware that even with the little warty dots I added to the smile-y frog face he really isn’t toad-y enough, but with the words it works well enough

I also punched out a heart, then had to do a bit of surgery on the Stampotique chappie and on the heart to snuggle it in his arms.  But it works.

And now I have to wait two more weeks for another challenge.  <sigh> I could always, oh I don’t know, CLEAN THE HOUSE, but really, is that the BEST use of my time?