WOYWW 14 July 2010


Another WOYWW – I love seeing everyone’s desk and what they are working on. Check it out!

My desk is almost CLEAN this week as I had a bit of a tidy while prepping for a crop on Saturday.  But even so, you can see a quick birthday card I made for DS to give to a girl – friend (but not girlfriend) that he declared too goth and creepy (feel free to insert eyeroll here – I know I did), a little fold out book thing that I MAY use for some very old photos of a weekend break in Toulouse, another planned card with a coffee cup and coffee stain (I caught a bit of Desert Island Discs last week, I think it was, and heard Black Coffee In Bed by Squeeze and it took me right back) and that is enough.  Oh and I did finish the card organizer from last week, so if you came expecting that, sorry.  You can see it here tho’ so I hope that is OK!

34 thoughts on “WOYWW 14 July 2010

  1. Great card – certainly not too goth! x

  2. Goth, I mean: gosh.
    Jeez, I don’t see ‘goth’, I think it’s pretty groovy!

  3. Oh for a tidy desk..tho when I do tidy I can never find anything ! I think your DS is outnumbered and the vote is that the card isn’t goth at all really…nowhere near enough black or purple..still you just can’t please some! Thanks for the snoop …Esther x

  4. Very tidy desk there and you have been very productive too! love all your projects there.

  5. ooh great neat and tidy desk 🙂 lol

  6. Sweet card and very tidy desk work! The card organizer is very cool!

  7. hi!! i love your workspace and the stamp is soo pretty!! I love the card you’ve created..great job! 🙂 hugs

  8. Your desk is fab this week your card organiser is amazing…I love it!!


  9. The coffee cup stamp with the ring of coffee stamp are gems!! (I would have had to make an actual one which perhaps would not have looked so nice)!!

  10. too goth? no way lol

  11. that’s a lovely tidy desk (love that coffee cup stamp)
    I really daren’t shpw my desk. it’s so embarrassing!

  12. the card holders worked out great ! … & your desk is looking super tidy this week 😀 … Love that card x

  13. Boys eh? At least he asked you for a card which I suppose is a good thing! I had a look at the card holder and it sure is purty, as they say over here! Looks very complicated though! Love the coffee stamp, I bought another coffee/tea themed stamp set this week, I love the sayings in them, my favourite being “I don’t have a problem with caffeine, I have a problem without caffeine”!!


  14. Lovely neat space this morning and the card is looking great. Boys will be boys LOL. Have a good day, Tracy Evans x

  15. Great Desk! lovely looking card, don’t see it being at all goth… anyhow.. 🙂
    Have a great WOYWW!

  16. Your desk looks really tidy and organised indeed
    ** Evi **

  17. Ha, ha you never know what kids want – you would think that card would be really cool but I guess – not! I love it though!

  18. See, it’s pastely and cheerful and on white – my eyeballs are a rolling! I can’t make cards for DD to give away, she wants them to match personality too closely and I don’t! Love the coffee ring stamp – and the inspiration…ah, Squeeze. Brilliant.

  19. Great desk this week MA and the card looks fab and yup … I did an eye roll :0)

  20. I spy a Stampotique card.
    Joanne x

  21. super tidy…but still at least 3 projects on the go…a true crafter!! ;0)

  22. Hi

    lovely and neat, love the look of the projects about to happen on your desk

  23. Great neat desk but cannot believe you have a STAMP for a coffee stain… I make my own with bottle tops, lids etc., or even coffee cups! LOL
    thanks for the peek.

  24. very neat! LOVE those stamps, they are gorgeous!

    hugs mandyxx

  25. you’ve been busy! and that card organizer is lovely! i love the papers – colors and patterns are wonderful!

  26. I really liked the card organizer, the papers are amazing. But for me the organizer would have to be huge to fit all =)

  27. I popped over to have a look at your organiser. Really lovely result.
    A x

  28. Great card and a nice organized desk.

  29. Wow neat tidy desk card looks fab!hugs judex

  30. Lovely looking images xx

  31. I love that coffee cup stamp. Of course, I love anything coffee.

    Boys will be boys. Love the girl – – friend distinction. Happy WOYWW.

  32. Super neat and tidy.,.. and you now have me singing that song! And it will soon transmogrify (oh how clever I am for spelling out a very long word first thing in the morning) into … Labour of Love, which is my fave…. have a goodly day x

  33. I think the card is just great! Your desk looks lovely this week.

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