WOYWW 14 July 2010

Another WOYWW – I love seeing everyone’s desk and what they are working on. Check it out!

My desk is almost CLEAN this week as I had a bit of a tidy while prepping for a crop on Saturday.  But even so, you can see a quick birthday card I made for DS to give to a girl – friend (but not girlfriend) that he declared too goth and creepy (feel free to insert eyeroll here – I know I did), a little fold out book thing that I MAY use for some very old photos of a weekend break in Toulouse, another planned card with a coffee cup and coffee stain (I caught a bit of Desert Island Discs last week, I think it was, and heard Black Coffee In Bed by Squeeze and it took me right back) and that is enough.  Oh and I did finish the card organizer from last week, so if you came expecting that, sorry.  You can see it here tho’ so I hope that is OK!