I went to  crop on Saturday – very exciting as it is very local to me, in Basingstoke – and managed a couple of layouts.  Not earthshaking ones, but ones that I rather like.  This one is inspired greatly by one of Shim’s from the last SI Idea Book.  I loved the light stamping on back card and the funky title letters, which aren’t like hers at all but they are funky.

Lots of the bits are made from the packaging of the K&Co ephemera pack.  Love the grid-y look of it.  Tha layout is about a climb some mates and I took to the top of Skyline Drive.  DH and another friend had to stay down below, studying for a Calculus test, but the rest of us hiked up to the lookout and hung out in the sunshine for a bit.  These pre-date my DS who is nearly 18!

Next, one I took for the mag, of Maddie looking thru her scrapbook.  She loves looking at them and I never have the camera to hand so luckily, this time I did,

The leaves are stamped with brown ink on blue paper and slightly curled – I think it makes it all look very dimensional.  It was a fairly tricky photo to work with because of all the colour, but I like to think I picked out ones that work, without having to resort to turning the photo to B&W.

I hope to make this crop a regular appointment.  It’s close and I was productive, so that makes it a winner in my book!

2 thoughts on “Layouts

  1. Love how you’ve done the lettering on both layouts, especially! Your crop sounds perfect too…

  2. I think enjoyment with like minded people is the best thing. Fantastic layouts. I love the letters.

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