Origami bookmark


After finishing the card keeper I had lots of scraps of thinnish, single sided patterned paper left.  What to do with it?  Oh, sure, I could make more cards, and will do with some of it, but I remembered making a little origami bookmark for my DS and thought that might be something useful to do with the scraps – and frankly, I don’t need THAT many cards, after my marathon last week!

I’ve deviated from the instructions a bit so have noted where and why.

If you are using double-sided paper (and really, thin is good here – cardstock is too thick, for this many folds) you can skip the folding back – I just didn’t like the white side showing after the tucking-in part:

I added the decorative scallop, but that us also not a requirement.  I just thought it looked nice.

You can add it to either side of the book.  I’ve been reading the Holly Black books (this one is Valiant – a very enjoyable and quick read) so used that to show it in place:

Fast, easy, cute and useful.  Perfect use of scraps!

3 thoughts on “Origami bookmark

  1. love this idea…might just have to have a go myself!

  2. Me likey very much, I usually end up leaning my open book on the back of the sofa, your way is much better… I feel a stampotique stamp coming on 🙂

  3. I love this! I need to make some of these! 🙂

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