Card organizer – done!

But is it a success?  Not sure yet.  I love the colours and papers, some aspects of it I really like, but I am not sure about the box and the BIA double binding.

Basically, what I did was scored mat board (which I got for free from my local framer – they are the bits he cuts out of the middle of mats for large frames) and covered it with paper.  In the end I went for two binding wires which let me add more inserts.  Had I had bigger binding wires I may have stuck with one.  That’s the final photo in the group above.  The inserts are large (254mm x 381 mm) Kraft envelopes from Staples UK, flap removed then cut in half (in inches they measure 10 x just shy of 7 1/2 when cut) I scored a 12×12 sheet of thinnish scrapbooking paper in haft and wrapped it round (this let me “close” the half of the envelope that has two open sides without using the flap, which makes it all a bit too thick) and added a 2 inch strip to make up the difference, which I then covered at the join with ribbon.

The tabs are just circles – I printed the card type in a circle then punched it out.  Two larger circles of thin paper and one of thick card give is better stability.  It’s attached to the front side of the insert (white circle on top of thin paper on top of thick card circle on the front, then thin paper circle on the back, matching the tab and sandwiching the insert between) and they are staggered along the edge so you can see them all.  I had thought I would have it open as a book, but in the end made it more like one of those accordion files so the writing on the tabs is oriented differently in the final project.

Lots and lots of BIA binding – which I find quite hard with a non-standard size, but managed in the end and I also tried a magnet closing with magnets and a washer.  Given how STRONG the washer attached to the magnet I was annoyed once installed it really doesn’t hold the keeper closed, hence the added ribbon tie.

There is room to add a list of birthdays or other card-giving events, and you could even attach a small notepad between the wires at the bottom so you can add things, then rip it off and copy over additions (or deletions!) You can add a calendar to the front of the inserts and change the tabs to a month rather than a type, and organize them that way, if you prefer.

So far I have about 30 cards in there and it’s holding up ok.  The inserts expand to hold quite a few cards, and the box part is big enough to hold the full inserts.  But as with most things like this, you have to USE it for a while before you start to discover the little annoyances that need changing in any future iterations!

I’d do a slideshow/video, but I changed it so much as I was making it the photos I took make little sense.  Maybe if I make another one…one day.