Card organizer on my W (WOYWW)


Well, it’s another W – how do they manage to come around so quickly?  Lots of summer colds round mine this week – knock wood, all but ME at the moment but that is usually how it goes.  I stay well just long enough to take care of the rest of them, fetching drinks and cool cloths and making Lem-Sip and then get sick just when they are all better and getting on with life LOL!  I’m just hoping Blogger is over it’s problems from last week so that I can tuck DS up in bed and blog hop the day away.

Here’s my W this week:

Not very exciting this week, although I think it will be when it’s done – after my cardmaking blitz last week I decided I needed a card organizer.  I looked at quite a  few on t’internet, some really nice ones, then went my own way.  With luck I’ll finish it soonish and can share it then!

I picked up this paper pack in the USA and while I love it, the papers are a bit on the thin side so they are perfect for the way I am doing the organizer. The image is for the 5×7 pack although wha I have is the 12 x 12!

45 thoughts on “Card organizer on my W (WOYWW)

  1. Yummy papers your desk looks interesting

  2. Thanks for the peek at your interesting desk and look forward to seeing that organiser finished.

  3. I could do with some serious organisation of card etc. I have it in boxes and drawers but I still spend ages searching for the right colour!
    Oh for a purpose built craft space!

  4. Good luck with the card storage – I keep mine in a little suitcase that is in desperate need of altering but I havent got around to it yet! Lovely papers too.

  5. Look forward to seeing the finished card storage idea. Looks to me as though you like punches?!?

    Lesley Xx

  6. Ohhh, you have a good bit of crafty stash on that desk 🙂

  7. Beautiful papers, hope you manage to avoid the cold!
    Happy WOYWW

  8. Love the paper pack, really pretty papers

    hugs Candace

  9. Great desk pics hun, can’t wait to see your finished card organiser :0)
    *hugs* Heather x

  10. I love storage and card storage is one area I need to sort. Interested to see yours. Great desk today. Have a great evening, Tracy Evans x

  11. Great idea – I’m thinking it will be so much more successful than the plastic basket mine end up in! Are those roundy bts going to be tabs then? My eyesight is horrible and my glasses are not where they should be!

  12. Everyone is busy tidying this week – I am beginning to feel guilty!!

  13. Love the paper and good luck with the organising!


  14. the paper looks lovely MA, could really do with a card organizer too

  15. looking forward to your organizer.. thank you for showing 🙂

  16. Love the paper, I bought bak load from the US and still can’t bring myself to use it, cs once it’s gone it’s well…gone!

  17. Hope you are feeling better soon …your desk looks as though there is creativeity waiting to explode.

  18. Love that paper pack too, I have the 5 x 7 of both Sasha and Breathe, got them on clearance at Michaels, one was an amazing 14c, the other $2.49! Will be interested to see how your card storage turns out next week.


  19. Love that paper pack! I have a couple of card racks, where I keep my efforts.

  20. storage ideas are always welcome, look forward to seeing what you make, you always come up with some nifty stuff.

  21. Storing ready made cards is always a problem for me too, mine are in a very unimaginative box!! Looking forward to seeing the finished article.

  22. Hope to see that organizer! How many cards do you have that you need one? :^) Patsy from HeARTworks

  23. Lovely paper and I like the idea of card storage I will be back to see what you have done!

  24. what lovely paper!

  25. hope everyone is better soon, love the paper pack

  26. Gogeous papers! Looking forward to seeing what you do with those circles too.
    Rach xxx

  27. ooooh now i have to have that paper set…its gorgeous!
    hope the gang get well soon…and that you don’t sucumb!!

  28. What gorgeous paper, and your project looks interesting…..
    Enfys x

  29. love that paper – thin stuff can be hard to find , they make perfect flowers….

  30. looking forward to seeing the finished article ! .. love other peoples creative storage ideas, Have fun x

  31. Hi

    I too need a card organiser I know what I am looking for, but not sure pennies will stretch that far lol


  32. can’t wait to see the finished card holder, struggling to find a good storage…

  33. Never seen that paper range before … lovely it is too!

  34. ooh can’t wait to see your organizer! Mine are in a canvas drawer thingy under my desk :/

  35. Paper looks lush!Can’t wait to see your card holder will keep popping back have great wednesday
    hugs judex

  36. Thats a busy desk but where do you actually craft? 🙂
    A x

  37. Hope you master making your organizer.. i just brought myself a shop spinner off e’bay to house my cards lol

  38. Wow lovely papers on your desk.

  39. Oh , it’s always good to see what others are up to .. get ideas, etc .. love them papers . how lush are they..

  40. Hi
    good luck with the paper sorting, have just put mine in all differant box, so i can pull the box out easy then put it back!! lovely paper pack, have good day, sue,x

  41. oh love that paper you have I store my paper in large,drawers,that I picked up,from a store love cheryl xxxx

  42. What fab paper! Don’t know that range…!

  43. Lovely papers! I need them lol xx

  44. I’m always curious about storage, and card storage is important, too, even though I’m not a card maker. I hope everyone gets better in your world. It’s no fun to play nurse.

    I’m curious what is in the box in the back right with the white heart on it. OK, I’m a snoop!

    • LOL! That is one of the inserts from an embellishment organizer. I took all the boxes out of the bag (wish I could remember what the name of it was!) and it holds little bits like eyelets or brads or beads. I like it because there is a sort of trigger on the side that lets you open just one of the compartments so you can tip them out without having to dump out allll the sections!

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