AI monoprint card


Firstly, I have no idea why the SSE didn’t appear yesterday.  Sometimes, for some unknown reason, posts on a Sunday are saved as a draft but don’t appear when I say to publish them.  It seems WP wants me to sign in again once a week and if the sign in request happens at the same time as the posting, it won’t post – or at least that is what I am guessing.  It’s the only thing I can think of.

No matter, it’s there now.  And I am still looking for the “right” image for my take on the AI monoprinting.  Two versions.  Not sure which I prefer.  First an oblique angle so you can better see the Versamark stamping and Pearl-ex, in case you missed the info in the post here.

Next, two different images.  I like the Stampotique teardrop one, which I thought might work as a sympathy card, or a “Sorry  you’re not well” card, and I like the man-with-umbrella but not sure what “sentiment” works with it.  Any input?

4 thoughts on “AI monoprint card

  1. It could work as a “get well” card with…sorry to hear you’re under the weather”….may be too corny….it is an OLD saying in the USA! Lord T!M’s rainman is one of my all time fav stamps! Loved both cards on this background

  2. Love the man with the umbrella – I think it works really well with the wonderful watery background. My first thought was a Carpenter’s song title – Rainy days and Mondays … (and inside “always get me down – except when I’m thinking of you”)? Too twee?

  3. My Fave is defintely Lord Tim’s rain man … I know that is a made up name … but I am guessing you know what I mean by my usual literal descriptive that is lacking in … erm … imagination :0)
    I adore that background and the small patches of the design really look fab!

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