AI monoprint card

Firstly, I have no idea why the SSE didn’t appear yesterday.  Sometimes, for some unknown reason, posts on a Sunday are saved as a draft but don’t appear when I say to publish them.  It seems WP wants me to sign in again once a week and if the sign in request happens at the same time as the posting, it won’t post – or at least that is what I am guessing.  It’s the only thing I can think of.

No matter, it’s there now.  And I am still looking for the “right” image for my take on the AI monoprinting.  Two versions.  Not sure which I prefer.  First an oblique angle so you can better see the Versamark stamping and Pearl-ex, in case you missed the info in the post here.

Next, two different images.  I like the Stampotique teardrop one, which I thought might work as a sympathy card, or a “Sorry  you’re not well” card, and I like the man-with-umbrella but not sure what “sentiment” works with it.  Any input?

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If somehow you’ve missed it, Vintage Printables has some fabulous goodies for altered art, ATCs, scrapbooks, mini-albuns, and more.

They seem to be working on organizing the site at the moment but this is def. a site you can get lost in, in the best possible way.  Grab a cuppa and plan to spend a while there. Here is a new image to tempt you!