Alcohol Ink monoprinting


In my travels through the WOYWW posts this week I saw a number of AI monoprint items, based on a challenge from Studio L3 working from A Compendium of Curiosities (Tim Holtz book) and decided to give it a go.  A couple of problems – I have no glossy cardstock, being the major one.  But I do know from past experience that while regular photo paper does NOT work well with AIs, the HiTi dye-sub printer sheets DO give a great effect.  I really didn’t want to waste a sheet, given that the print packs should be matched perfectly (eg colour ribbon to photo paper) but I DID have some sheets that came with my printer that were sticker sheets.  These are little rectangles, designed to print multiples of a photo.  They have the added advantage of being stick-backed and in, oh, 5 years I have found no other use for them.  Perfect.

Instead of doing exactly what Tim says in the book, I used two sheets and sort of smooshed them together, then turned the top one and smooshed again.  All well and good – a nice mottled effect, but a bit indistinct.

I then dropped spatters of straight AI onto the sheets, which allowed the inks to interact in interesting ways. I did a few of these LOL!

Then I got the brilliant (or very stupid) idea to put the blending solution into a mist bottle,  although in the back of my head I was thinking “I’m sure I read ‘Don’t do this’ someplace!” so I did hold the bottle well away from me and turned my head when misting (if I could have found the breathing masks I know I have I probably would have used one) and got a nifty speckled effect.

That gave me some really neat backgrounds, but I wasn’t done yet.

The fact the AIs dry so quickly and thoroughly made me wonder – would Pearl-ex stick to the whole surface? So I stamped a swirl, with Versamark, over the dried background and dusted on Pearl White Pearl-ex (and I assume Perfect Pearls would work too) and got this:

I peeled off the stickers and added them to  plain black cardstock, spacing them as they are on the original, for a sort of grid.  Now I am just considering the perfect image to top it. I’ll share it when I get it done.

I discovered a few other things that I need to refine a bit before sharing as well, so all in all this has been a fun play-time.  I see no reason why this wouldn’t work on glossy cardstock just as well, with the advantage of not being limited to little rectangles, so I guess I better add that to my shopping list LOL!

6 thoughts on “Alcohol Ink monoprinting

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  2. Beautiful work MA … loving the blues and greens especially!

  3. That looks fantastic MaryAnne, really cool 🙂

  4. The result are bound to look ace – the full sheet looks so pretty ….

  5. I agree with Alexa, the blue-green ones are absolutely beautiful!! Can’t wait to see what you do with them! Shipping any to NC in the near future??

  6. Brilliant! Love those blue-greesn in particular. Are you going to use the rectangles on a layout? I am definitely going to give this a go. I know I have some glossy cardstock. Somewhere …!

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