A whole bunch of cards

I have said many times I am no cardmaker.  And yet, I subscribe to the GoGo Cardmaking kit.  Why?  Well, I do often need a card, and having the blanks around is very useful, and the kit contents can be used for scrapbooking and minis just as easily as cardmaking.  But recently, the blanks have been piling up a bit.  And I was feeling a bit guilty that when I need a card, unless it is one I am willing to labour over, like for DH for Valentines day or fathers day, or for the kids for their birthdays, or when DS comes to me saying “I need a card for so-and-so’s party tonight”, I am just as likely to buy one as make one.  I was also looking at the great heaving mess that is my scrap pile and thought it was best to seize the bull by the horns and make a few more generic ones to have on hand.  I figure the HI and JUST BECAUSE ones could easily become a birthday one in a pinch, just by adding a stamped greeting inside, and the ones like GET WELL or THINKING OF YOU are always useful.  So I took THIS HUGE MESS (scraps and card blanks)

and turned it into 12 cards

None of them are prize-winners, they are all from scraps and use precious few embellishments (usually just a bit of ribbon and a bloom or two) but they are all handmade and at that has to be better than a store-bought run-of-the-mill card.

The problem? Well, that would be that I mad not even the beginning of a dent in my scrap pile, and my room, at the end of it, was a complete disaster!

As an interesting sidebar, I will include this photo:

Waaaaay back before the dawn of cutting machines, this set of Cut-a-Creation punches from Pebble Creek, was the most anticipated tool of it’s day.  There were, if I recall, many problems with them, and in fact some of the most useful of mine (like the D and the A) are so stuck that even disassembling them doesn’t help (neither of my kids names not thinks like THANKS or WELL DONE will work.) I’ve seen them advertised for about $25 for the whole set (which was about $150 new!) and I did like the plain font and the fact each punch punched (at the same time) both a BIG and a very small letter.  I had planned on using them for letters for the cards, as punches are a lot easier and faster for scraps than say the Craft Robo or the Cricut, but with those two (and maybe more) critical letters out of commission I may have to seriously adjust my thinking on that.

I am leaning towards a day of cardmaking once a week, and am on the lookout for more scraps projects (I’m thinking tags for gifts, so I have a ready supply of them and don’t have to resort to cutting a scrap of wrapping paper and writing on the back of it LOL!) so if you have a good one – preferable one that uses A LOT OF SCRAPS, do let me know.