WOYWW 30/6/2010


So much going on on my desk today! Another shadowbox project of stamped images, some curtains for a stage that I have in mind for a special project, a Blogging handbook that has lots of info about self-hosting a WordPress blog on your own server rather than on the WordPress site, oh an up in the right corner my Tilda-skewered card.

Also my Copic colour chart from Monday’s post, and the remnants of a project that I am not happy with and will possibly abandon.  Oh yes, and as all the wireless stuff, all the VOIP phone stuff, all the security camera stuff, is all run by MY machine, the spaghetti junction of wires (which is NOTHING compared to the mess UNDER my desk) makes a very annoying addition to my W.

To save you hunting back for it, here is another closer look at the card

37 thoughts on “WOYWW 30/6/2010

  1. Tee hee – loving Tilda’s skewered head! x

  2. Oh I love Stampotique’s Carrot – now he really is cute! Love the Tilda card and your busy workdesk.

    Lesley Xx

  3. Love the Tilda kebab and your work space is fab

  4. Love the tilda card and all the little images coloured in – is one of them a carrot?

  5. I think that is the best Tilda card ever in the world ever EVER!

  6. LOL Love the skewered tilda

  7. I am in awe MA … I struggle with one camera lead :0)

  8. Me again hun :0)
    Thank you for the lovely comment you left for my sugar bowl card :0)
    I would have replied straight to your inbox, but you are set as “no reply blogger” :0)
    Yes blogger keeps acting up for me today too, it is taking me ages to comment on the woyww’s today…just keeps coming up “service not available” very annoying.
    Take care hun,
    *hugs* Heather x

  9. love it !!! is that mag any good ??

    And why the need for the pegs, nosey arnt i

    brill desk

    big hugs
    judie xx

  10. thats an impressive desk!

  11. That Tilda made me LOL! xx

  12. Wow you’ve got a lot going on where to look first love the Tilda card

  13. Ha HA


    HA HA HA

    LOVE IT!!!

  14. that is suchj a funny card, and your workspace looks great

  15. busy desk but still is so organized!!

  16. I know many people who would love to skewer Tilda…well, she can’t smell or yell! and she actually looks nice among the prawns!! Have a craty day

  17. love that card, spent ages looking for it only to realise I hadn’t opened the page fully so the right hand side was missing lol

  18. The kebab is just class! The remnants look cool too – don’t throw them!

  19. Lots of creativity on your desk today! I’d love to see what that shadow box will look like! Patsy from HeARTworks

  20. Love the Tilda kebab – made me giggle – thanks!

  21. wish i could cut things out as neatly as you …love the card too

  22. Love the tilda card hun but I would be the same as you and not sure about it…could be because its a little plain? Don’t throw it away though you may come back to it in a couple of days and find its just right for a little something extra :0)
    My whole bungalow feels like a spaghetti junction, there’s wires everywhere!
    Have a great day hun,
    *hugs* Heather x

  23. ooh the shadow boxes look interesting. Skewered Tilda hehehe love it
    Anne x

  24. love that card, it made me laugh

  25. LOL love the card, very funny. Can’t believe how many copics you have and beautifully organised. Love the stamped images in the shadow box too. Have a lovely day. Tracy Evans x

  26. Still love that card! Didn’t notice all the wires and boxes till you pointed them out – I guess in this day and age we’re all a bit more blind to them…although there are things that show up ina photo that make you think twice aren’t there! I never think our house is cluttered until I see a photo!
    Is that a nice parcel tape around your pen tubs? Nice. Now when you abandon a project, does it go in the bin or just hang around to make you feel you should re-visit?

  27. Hiya

    what a fabulous Tilda card! I never knew they even did books for Blogger!!! I think everyone has the spagetti junction of wires

  28. oh great work space,and oh poor tilda, love it though hugs cheryl xxxx

  29. Look forward to seeing the shadow box finished. Please do a Wednesday show and tell with it.
    A x

  30. cute card! Happy woyww-ing 😀 xx

  31. Oh lots going on , agree with joey on the copics, lol at your Tilda card & sentiment, have great day, sue,x

  32. wow some lovely coloured images ,and oh copics soooo many a women for my own heart you can never have too many…lol.
    Im being nosey now is that mag called blogger?

  33. Tilda Kebab!!! Love Hels’ comment. Not for a minute suggesting that’s the best thing to do with her, not me!! Lovely desk today.

  34. YAY some mess i was beginning to think everyone had gone clean except me lol
    love the tilda card, thats soooo funny

  35. ROFL…love that Tilda kebab, very funny :O)))

  36. I saw the card before you ever showed the close up. You have some lovely stamped images in those shadowboxes. Are they for a special project and I just missed reading about it? Is that blue circle a spool of thread? Yep, I’m a real snoop, but I’m here early, at least. Happy WOYWW.

    • Yes, that is a spool of tread, but only because I was hand sewing a bit of one of my iPad covers while sitting at my desk watching the BBC iPlayer 🙂 The magazine IS called Blogger Handbook, by Image Publishing, which I picked up at Southampton Hospital at te WH Smiths. It covers stuff I don’t use, like Twitter and Joomla and Blogger, but does have quite a good WordPress section. I’ve been hoping to move my blog to our server, but wanted to research it a bit more to see what sort of issues that might bring up!
      The stamped images have a sort of Family Tree theme, yes, for a special project, but the idea is still geminating….

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