WOYWW 30/6/2010

So much going on on my desk today! Another shadowbox project of stamped images, some curtains for a stage that I have in mind for a special project, a Blogging handbook that has lots of info about self-hosting a WordPress blog on your own server rather than on the WordPress site, oh an up in the right corner my Tilda-skewered card.

Also my Copic colour chart from Monday’s post, and the remnants of a project that I am not happy with and will possibly abandon.  Oh yes, and as all the wireless stuff, all the VOIP phone stuff, all the security camera stuff, is all run by MY machine, the spaghetti junction of wires (which is NOTHING compared to the mess UNDER my desk) makes a very annoying addition to my W.

To save you hunting back for it, here is another closer look at the card