Smooch – last SI layout ever

Oh well.  Even when you KNOW it’s coming it’s still just that little bit sad.  After the first Scrapbook Inspirations idea book came out, and was sooooo lovely, there was hope that while the magazine had died, SI might live on in this new incarnation.  But the overwhelming feeling seemed to be the price was too high and I guess maybe that played a part in the decision by the publishers to stop after the second one (which I just got in the mail today and which is even better than the first one, IMHO, with lots of work by lots of different people, all clean lines and white space, and a real pleasure to flip through once fast, then slower) even though book 3 was well on the way to being complete and ready to go.

Along with the book was my returned layout.  Here it is – regular readers will remember some of the bits from past posts, but here they all are drawn together on a layout:

A sneaky photo my sister snapped at a family wedding, with more beading, the rif-on-Tim’s flower, and the fabric embellishments on interfacing, cut out and popped.

So bye-bye SI … it was nice to know ya!