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Busy day

Usually I would hold this for a Sunday-someplace-else but I have SUCH a busy day today (well, this week is really manic with all sorts of school appointments and other things getting in the way of crafting…and, oh yeah, THE HEAT) so rather than stick to my usual “skip only Saturday” schedule I’m going to post a link to this site, Scrapbitz, which has some fab Copic tutorials and a handy colour chart you can download and print on the sort of cardstock that you usually use for your stamping or printing and colouring, swipe on a quick slash of the markers you have, and use it to select your trio (or duo) of close colours for shading.  Very handy.

The tutorials are all on You Tube as well, and specifically for Copics, although I imagine you could use the basic principles for Promarkers as well.  I must hunt up a Promarker chart, there must be one, to add as well.

Also wondering if anyone has done a chart that shows the different inks from ink-jet printers and how they bleed (or don;t bleed) when using markers like Copics and Promarkers.  I have an Epson Photo 1400 and I have to say I almost never get even the slightest smearing of the printer ink even when colouring over the printed lines with the markers.  I wonder if this is an Epson thing or if other printers work the same? Anyone want to share their experience via a comment?  Seen a chart anywhere?  I’d love to know!