WOYWW – 23 June

Todays WOYWW is all about a mini-book I’ve been working on. Based on a template for something completely different (a folding Flower CD case) it went from this:

How it come in to play:  I was looking for a flower shape to use as a template for a completely unrelated project and this popped up.  I was pretty intrigued by the idea of a CD case that folded down from a flower so I downloaded the PDF.

and this:

How it came in to play: I was looking back at a very old layout, one of my first published ones, and the bit of the quote that I used on it made me go looking for more by Alan Beck.  Instead of NEW ones I found a much expanded version of the OLD one.  And it’s a corker!

to this!

How it came in to play: I unearthed a kit Shimelle put together for a GoGo retreat, I think, that I was meant to get a few extra bits from her to finish (a few more embellishments and the INSTRUCTIONS LOL!) Loved the kit, no idea how to make theoriginal  project, but it worked a treat for this one!

I’d best snap a quick wider view for you, so I am not accused of hiding my shame thru careful cropping!