Quite a large mini-album


I did a little slideshow/video on the album that was my WOYWW last week.  I managed to forget one score and fold but I hope I sorted that by an annotation.  SO like me LOL!

Hope you like it.  I used a Papermania paper pack, which had some lovely paper, but only one of each and only A4 size, which dictated some of my choices.  Still I think it’s very pretty and it may wind up as an end-of-year gift for DDs escort on her bus – she has a few great-grandaughters and photos of them will fill it nicely.  And she can open it out on display of she wants.  She always comments on my “inky fingers” at drop off time (I’m usually pretty clean at pick-up time in the morning!) and is always interested to see what I have been working on, so it’s probably a good choice and better for her than a box of chocs.  The teachers will get chocs and wine as I figure after a year of DD they will need the comfort – much as I love her she is hard work sometimes.  But in the end I think the escort will appreciate this more.

I used actual music this time, rather than an audio swap – Vangelis – and You Tube pick up on it right away so they popped an ad on there for buying the song.  I really must find some new copyright free music to use, as I fear I have exhausted all the MusicShake selections in Audio Swap and don’t like using the same ones over and over again, and I never want the music to be intrusive (well, except that Stampotique project, in which case Terror Couple Kill Colonel was a perfect choice and I still have All You Zombies in my hat for a later one LOL!)

2 thoughts on “Quite a large mini-album

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