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Just a quick layout

Isn’t it funny – kids that were once so compliant when the camera came out suddenly turn all shy or angry or self-conscious to the point of hiding, pulling faces, or dressing inappropriately, all in an effort to avoid photographic evidence? How many scrappers simply stop scrapping once their kids get to the awkward teen years, or focus their energies on other topics? I feel in danger of that happening to me some days. When the camera comes out, the kids run for the hills. It’s not like I TRY to catch them in unflattering poses or showcase their flaws (although the first thing DH said about this layout was “I can see his feet – I don’t want to see his FEET” – coming from a man who is almost NEVER without shoes and socks, except in the shower and in bed, this does not surprise me) so WHY the resistance? I don’t pose them, I almost never have in the past, and mostly get candid shots from a distance but zoomed in, when they may not even know I am focusing on them, so where it comes from I don;t know. I can only assume it’s part of the natural process of becoming a teen, that self-consciousness and concern over beng made to look foolish.

Anywhoo, these are a couple of shots of DS playing the guitar at my sister’s house. His Grandpa is a master musician – he can play virtually any stringed instrument, although I am partial to his fiddle and banjo tunes as well as the guitar and less keen on the sweetness of the dulcimer – and he put Jack on the spot a bit, asking him about his guitar playing (or maybe it was DH that pushed him forward, I don’t know) so Jack did a little concert to showcase what he’s learned (well, it was never going to be the drums, as who has a full drum kit in their house if they don’t actually drum??) and I was lucky enough to snap a few, natural shots before he was in any way aware of me. Whoo hoo! RESULT!

Most of the papers are from various Scrapagogo kits over the last few months, I think. It was interesting – while looking for some black cardstock to frame the layout, which I had first planned on the music paper, one of the sheets I pulled out had this large oval cut out of it. Laying on my desk, over the music paper, I liked what I saw enough to change directions. Nice to get back to my first love, scrapbooking, and step away from the stamping for a day, and make a layout that has not a single even HINT of a flower on it.