WOYWW – and the nested box tutorial

First, my workdesk. a mess as always! Not everyone who plays with WOYWW has such a messy desk, tho’

oops! now where did that photo go?

I am working on a minibook (and a slideshow for it, so making and snapping and making and snapping) using, surprise surprise, a Papermania paper pack. A4 size so some compromises had to be made, and (most annoyingly) only ONE sheet of each pattern. But the weight is good, some of the colours and patterns lovely, and it works together well.

Next, the nested boxes from the Stampotique Designers Challenge tutorial, which you can see in much detail in the last two posts.

If you hate math I’ll break it down for you:

Every box is one square for the lid, of any size, and one square for the bottom 1/4 inch less

The NEXT box LID is the previous bottom measurement minus 1/2 inch then minus 1/4 inch of THAT measurement for the bottom

So these are the size squares to cut:

First box lid = 8  inch square, bottom = 7 3/4 inch square

Next box lid = 7 1/4 inch, bottom = 7  inch

Next box lid = 6 1/2 inch, bottom = 6 1/4 inch

Next box lid = 5 3/4 inch, bottom = 5 1/2 inch

Next box lid = 5 inch, bottom = 4 3/4 inch

etc. to the smallest box you want to make.

The folding is easy peasy but you do want to be as precise in your cutting and scoring as you can.

I’ve dithered about making the tutorial on view but there are a lot of photos and the PDF is 7 pages long so I’ll add the PDF here and to the sidebar with a smaller version .jpg without the chart from above here so you can sort of see what is going on without adding HUGE images like in the PDF! Sorry, when I reduced the photos the text got a bit squashed – I trust you ar clever enough to know what it means LOL!