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More box details

OK, so box by box – you have already seen the lid –


and the array of boxes lined up


Inside the lid is a quote which fits nicely with Moon Girl, I think.

The the outside of the bottom of the first box

and the inside – small stamps of flies, spiders and ladybugs (or ladybirds, depending on your “side of the pond”)

And that is just box ONE!

Top of box two – inside box one, so you can see how nicely they nest:

And the bottom of box two:

and inside box two

box three – and you can see there is too much room around this one, which is why I am sure I’ve lost a lid&bottom combo on the chaos of my desk somehow.

and the bottom

and inside and last box

and the final surprise in the middle:

So I hope that works – honestly?  I have NO IDEA what the formatting will look like on a laptop or a smaller monitor, or when I save if it will maintain the side-by-side of the small pictures.  I did skip a few (mostly the inside of the lids that have quotes as they are fairly boring) but will post the info on measuring and folding the boxes tomorrow.