ATCs – I think I get it!

I have never been “into” ATCs.  I know a lot of people love them, but I have so far resisted.  Recently, as I have been more artsy and less scrapbook-y it seemed like I should give these a go.  I did make one set for an SI article, but that was because I HAD to not because I WANTED to.

Over the weekend I watched a video by someone (a UK someone) called racho113 – no idea who she is, but she does lovely work.  Anyway, one of them was about making some sort of arsty background using cheesecloth and Fantasy Film and sequins, then coating it all with PVA glue and using alcohol ink over the top.  The PVA coating as a shiny base for alcohol inks was what really set me off. So I had a play, as you do…

I went is a different directions, as I also often do, but I love the effect.

First I painted a handful of DSs very old Pokemon cards (they ARE the right size!)

I wasn’t worried about totally covering them, just masking the worst of the colour. I then covered them with coffee filters.  I liked the sort of linen like texture it offered and thought it might help with the next step, which was to emboss them.

It was a really cool effect, and I think it did help soften the embossing and kept any of the white paint from chipping off.

Then I coated then with a layer of PVA glue – although my very cheap PVA was a bit lumpy and gunny, so getting a smooth coating was not easy! Then the drying time – ho hum, how tedious.

Finally, the alcohol inks.  A few combos which I will try to note when I complete and share the cards.  Racho113 warns that too many pounces of the AIs make the surface go gummy, and this is true, but I did go over and over them to get the sort of mottle effect I like – no blending solution at all, just the inks.

I think they look rather stunning IRL.  I have the images, from Teesha Moore (love her work) and the quotes, from A Confederacy of Dunces (perhaps all too American for most to have heard of, let alone have read, and a very sad story with the author, John Kennedy Toole) and a few ideas.  we’ll see if they come to fruition of end up n the bin!

But so far they have been fun to make and the technique is a good one, I think. even if I opted out of a fair bit of her original idea.