Sunday-someplace-else – on Saturday!

Well I normally would post this on a Sunday but I was so anxious to share this idea I couldn’t wait!

This blog has a post about organizing you computer desktop. Now, my desktop is very cluttered. I have, as I have said before, two widescreen monitors, one arranged Portrait and one arranged Landscape. I have a lot of files on it, some in folders of like items, some individual files that I tend to go back to often and don’t really want to hunt for in folders. When I Photoshop something special, adding an effect, or creating an A4 page of photos to print, for example, for a minibook, I keep them all in one folder. I have a fair few tutorials as well. Newly downloaded or created files always appear on the extreme right of the right side screen. Over time I have sort of had the position of some things ingrained in my head, but if it slips away I find I am always hunting around my desktop looking for something (much like I hunt on my scrap desk for my scissors or bone folder!)

I’ve tried many different ways to organize things, none of which really work for me.  Plus I always have an iChat window open and the security camera view, which blocks stuff under it.  Much as I loved my colourful Bokeh backgrounds they were too busy, and sometimes folder icons landed over a circle that made them hard to see when doing a quick scan for something.

So I spend a few minutes in Photoshop, with a digital Patterned paper (Jessica Sprague, not sure what kit but knowing me most likely either a 2Peas freebie or a freebie from her own site) and some lower opacity boxes and titles to create a desktop that lets me sort my files for easy finding.

All I did was create a file that was the pixel x pixel size of the monitor (which I found in Preferences on my Mac) and then saved it and selected it as my desktop background.  Then I dragged the folders into the appropriate boxes and there you go!  Now this was a pretty quick process, like 20 minutes. and I didn’t do any fancy digital effects, added no embellishments, just the boxes and titles with a quick drop-shadow effect, because I was going for high visibility and no clutter, but if you wanted to you could surely make your desktop “pretty”, more like a super-swish blog theme.

I still have space to add new things, and I can always create specific folders to consolidate (like in Tutorials etc.) to take up less desktop space (and just doing this made me realize that there is some better organization to be done, and better categories, so this is in no way my FINAL desktop)  When I create a new item or download it will automatically  appear n the TO BE FILED section and then I just need to drag it where I want it.

I call this very much a work in progress, as with any organizational method you need to work with it for a while to identify the strengths and weaknesses then alter as needed.  BUT overall I think it is a fab idea and know it is a step in the right directions.

I would do a quick tutorial if I can do so in Photoshop Elements.  I used PS7 for this and fear it may be different in newer versions so if I get a chance I’ll have a play with that and try to post it tomorrow, but if you do digi, this is going to be a walk in the park for you!