WOYWW – a video!

OK so what is REALLY on my workdesk is still iPad covers, trying to get them done for DH to take on a plane. But this is what I was working on before I got immersed in that, a little video showcasing my Stampotique projects, all in one place.

I don’t know what the deal is with iMovie and setting the volume of audio clips.  Generall I just load the videos silent and do an Audio Swap on YouTube, selecting only those clips that fit the length of my movie and usually instrumental and usually a group called Musicshake.  I get comments all the time on the music, so I figure they must be good for this sort of thing, but I have no control over the volume of the AS clips and usually make sure it is something soothing and quiet, if I can.  BUT for this video I wanted something more in fitting with the stamps so I added it with music from our collection (a charming little ditty called Terror Couple Kill Colonel from Bauhaus, who also did Bela Lugosi’s Dead, a firm favourite and part of the best “first five minutes of a movie matched with a song”, The Hunger – ok so the rest of the movie, part staring David Bowie, is a bit soft-core, a bit horror, I still love the opening…but I digress…..) and I TRIED to set the clip volume at 50% so it wasn’t too loud, but when I play it on my computer, with my volume set at reasonable, it still seems too loud.  I would love to know how loud it is on YOUR computer.

I will catch up on the rest of the WOYWWs as I can.  Still madly sewing for now…..