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I saw a great video a while back, by Laura from Following the Paper Trail, and was dying to give it a go.  I urge you to watch her video as it is very detailed and the project, a “tiled” mini-album cover, is just lovely.

While on holiday I grabbed some foam with an idea towards trying out Laura’s technique.  Of course, I had to play around with it, and I think it’s a keeper! My baby sis and I did find the actual stamp Laura used but she has it.  So I had to find something else to play with.  From what I recall of the video Laura does say that rubber is best, and clear stamps could get ruined due to the heat of the embossing gun.

What you need is Fab Foam , I used Distress Ink (although I believe Laura used clear embossing ink), a heat tool, a not hugely detailed stamp (and I used a freebie, from either Scrapbook Inspirations, back when it did cover gifts, or maybe Papercraft Inspirations, I can’t recall) that was plastic, I think, neither rubber nor clear acrylic, and in the end I added some silver acrylic paint to it.  My foam was actually sticky-backed, so no further adhesive would be required.

Basically you heat the foam (and again, Laura’s video has some tips for knowing when it is hot enough but not so hot you need to call the fire brigade! I think I did about 10 seconds, but I suspect it depends hugely on the heat tool.  I used another cork tile (I have so many uses for them!) to protect my work surface (oh Heck! I was WOYWW yesterday, wasn’t it?  DOH!)

I inked up the stamp with the Distress Ink (this is Fired Brick) and after the foam was heated, pressed the stamp into it.

What I ended up with is a de-bossed image, with the debossing coloured by the ink – a bit like a Letter Press effect, but squidgy LOL!

I cut out the image and then tried to do the skimming over the high points with acrylic paint, in silver – I didn’t have a metallic Paint Dauber so it is not so perfect as the video samples.  As you can see I make use of old CD inserts from my CD-case-boxes craze as paint pallets. Waste not want not LOL!)

Sorry that one is a bit blurry.

Overall, even without the paint, it’s a bit fun.  Plain white foam would really show the Distress Ink colours up nicely, I think. And with the right image I think it could make a lovely embellishment or card topper.  I know I am def. going to play around with this a lot more (maybe even today) and try out a few more ideas I have.

At least it’s a break from the sewing!


Cases, again

I spent quite a bit of time today working turning these:

into this, an iPad cover made from old blue jeans, for my DS:

It’s not quite done but now he tells me that it’s “too brightly coloured” – it’s JEANS for goodness sake!  Ah well.  Such is a Mom’s life. I thought the addition of the pocket was quite clever but now it will be destined for a friend in CA, perhaps, when DH goes out to WWDC (the big Apple convention) next month and I’ll have to start another one for DS – but this time he has to come with me and pick the material himself, because I clearly don’t know my son at all!!


Comic life

I quite like playing around with my photos sometimes. I’ve not gotten in to ACTIONS at all, mostly because the full Photoshop version I use is old, as I’ve mentioned quite a few times. Many of the actions don’t work. My FIL keeps telling me actions are easy to create and record, but I just never seem to find the time to actually give it a go.

But I do have Comic Life and sometimes use it to do funky things to photos.They do have a Windows version as well as an iPhone app, and if nothing else it’s quite a lot of fun to play with.  My kids love it. I got notice there is an update a while back and it reminded me it was time to revisit it. And to go back and look at some of the older stuff I had saved.

Here is a “comic” DS made a while back (2005! OMG how time flies) with photos from a trip to Tintagel

And here is one with what I often call my favourite photo of the kids, with the whole sequence, and not just the final shot

And finally, here is the photo from my most recent layout altered with a couple of different effects, like Ugly In Pink, Syn City, and POP art

You can see from this that I edited out that light switch plate from the photo I used on the layout – caught! LOL!

Not for use with every photo but still fun for an occasional layout or mini-book. Check it out.

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Humm – not entirely sure why this didn’t appear yesterday, as it should have, as I did try to post it, but we had some odd internet issues so maybe that got it caught up for a bit. But here it is, I hope, on Monday!

Mod Podge ROCKS! It does. I adore the stuff. And funnily enough so does someone named Amy, who has a blog by that name.

I love this project she blogged, which can be found at the original posting site I didn’t sign up for this. She uses old cereal cans (but I’m guessing any sort of smooth edged can or tin or bucket would work as well. How handy in the kitchen, says the woman who nearly pulls her window shelf off at least once a week because the kitchen-package-opening scissors are attached to it to keep the rest of the family from running off with them.

One of Amy’s own projects, this mixed media board, is more recent and fab – with a tutorial.

And I would love to make DS, the budding magician, who’s deft, sleight of hand card tricks amaze his mates, this bit of wall art, made from scanned and blown up vintage card decks, linked from Just Something I Made (which really should be a whole other SSE) which has a lik to download the images she used:


Layout, DONE!

Yay! I finished the layout. I had to take a bit of time out for a couple of projects (one of which will be on the UKS Home Page on Monday in the mini-book slot – I am having to fill in some gaps as I haven’t gotten as many as I needed to cover the whole year and I don’t want to have to truncate the event too much so making the odd page myself isn’t a big deal, so long as I don’t leave it to the last minute LOL!) and have been pushing stuff around since yesterday, but I just found the time to stick it all down. I think it looks better IRL, as the greens don’t really show true in the photo. The frame was one I covered for another project I-can’t-tell-you-how-long-ago and never used, so happy to find a place for it. I haven’t looked at my box of Poetry Tags for a year or more, but the WANT one fit the bill nicely.

I quite like overloaded layouts occasionally, and look at it as a good way to use up the mountain of stash I seem to have accumulated.

I have a little visual joke on there too – the row of pearls, to mimic the decreasing battery on the seemingly always in use Pad. I may yet shift one or two things around, if I can pry them loose.

I am still a big fan of the pointing fingers.  This one is from Mesa Pointe Shaded (not a free one, but well worth the price! From, the family of three fonts is £17) and is just printed and cut out.


Mobile blogging

Interestingly I am making this post from my iPad in the car, using DHs MiFi Internet connection. I feel like I have to be quick or risk losing the connection as we drive!

I had been working on a layout this morning which I will hope to finish when I return.

I started by collecting supplies

and then started moving thing about on the background.

I think I like it so far – I have had those green letters for AGES so really happy I may have finally found a use for them!


WOYWW 11/5/2010 (or is that 5/11/2010?)

Trying to deal with BOTH date formats always confuses me – I seem to have no problem writing a check and dating the check in the UK format, but then I enter it in the stub in the US format. Why? I’ve heard it said that when you start dreaming in a second language it means you are fully there with it, but I’m not sure how that translates to this.

But on to my WOYWW – I got some metallic acrylic paints recently, (cheap – maybe £1 a tube) and was trying to stamp with them. It wasn’t working out quite as I imagined it might, although I suspect watering down the quite sticky paint would give the original effect, as there sometimes is with “art”, there was a happy accident. I have been stamping with the paint then letting it dry and stamping over it, but off centre a bit, and embossing. I really like the effect. So here is the mess on my desk:

and a closer look at a couple of the tags:

The quote on the one tag pretty much sums it all up:

CREATIVITY is allowing yourself to make mistakes. ART is knowing which ones to keep.

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Monday morning dilemma

I can never quite make up my mind if Monday morning comes around too soon or not soon enough! While the prospect of a lazy weekend of crafting is appealing, the reality of everyone underfoot is less so, and when they have all left for the day a blissful silence and a day full of possibilities envelopes the house….until the piles of laundry and carpets full of thread snippings, cookie crumbs, foam square backs, grass and dirt infiltrate your consciousness, anyway. And with the shooting party/BBQ attendees all safely away, there is perhaps more cleaning than usual to do.

I am still trying to get back to last weeks project, although little progress has been made.

Another dilemma or two – I’ve punched and covered the small coin envelopes

but I can’t decide if I like the surround on show (as it is less of a KRAFT sort of colour and more of an….orange almost) or if instead of inking the additions I should be inking the envelopes!

On the one hand I like the definition the un-inked envelope gives – it does frame the papers nicely.  One the other hand is the colour too different?  I just cannot tell!

Next dilemma – I have the series of question cards.  I cannot decide if I want then to be bound into the book as other pages, with the pockets having a photo on the front and inside the pocket housing maybe additional info written by the person in the photo OR if I should trim the question cards into tags to go INSIDE the pockets.

There isn’t a lot of room on the cards for much info, but on the other hand how easy will it be to get the people (grandparents and parents is what I am thinking at this point) to write something more for the pockets? Having them bound means less chance of them falling out and getting lost, for sure.

I felt the upper right of the cover needed something, I just wasn’t sure what.  I think this little flapped string tag is just the thing.  I’m sure it cane from a GOGO kit but no idea which one or who it’s by.

I think I’ll have to throw in a load of laundry and think about it some more …..

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I thought this flower, over at Cut out + Keep, was just so sweet made from musical note paper.  Perhaps a bit dimensional for a scrapbook page or minibook, but it would look lovely adorning my desk, and maybe yours too!

At the bottom of the post are a fair few links to other papercraft items other flowers, etc.  Worth have a bit of a nosy if your day, unlike mine, is due to be a slow one.  Whereas I like to trick the family into celebrating BOTH UK and US Mother’s day, they like to try to convince me on the UK one that we should celebrate the US one, then on the US one they like to try to convince me that we ALREADY celebrated the UK one so should give this one a miss. HA.

Typically, DH planned a big BBQ/Air gun shoot competition for today so I have already got a crockpot full of baked beans on the go (a firm favourite with the whole shooting crowd) and still have to hoovering and kitchen cleaning to do in anticipation of a houseful of people.  Happy Mother’s Day to ME!

Probably does NOT help that I was up till nearly 2 pm playing a Words with Friends match with a friend of DH’s. …

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A flying visit…

So much going on at home over the next couple of days that this is just a super-fast pop-in to blog a nice find.

Remember last week I blogged about spraying Cosmic Shimmer mist thru an old piece of plastic canvas I had laying around and how cool I thought it looked as a background effect? Well, yesterday, despite feeling a bit rubbish, I had to pop out to the town centre for a few bits and bobs and I stopped in at the pound store to get another teflon cooking sheet (since I always need one at the ironing board when it is in my office covering in ink, it seemed wise to get a second one) and right next to it on the rack was this:

Same brand as the teflon sheet, although I have already tossed out the little tag that was stapled to it so I can’t tell you what it is officially called – I think something like Cooking Mesh or Baking Mesh. Like the plastic canvas it is totally washable.

Anyway, it gives a much bigger grid pattern and I like having the option of two sizes.

Back to boring cleaning…..