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Monster post and the genesis of my project

OK. Still sidetracked by stamps.

Let’s start with where it all began.  I was arranging my Stampotique stamps in a box, and twisting and turning them to get them to fit.

Just doing that made me think of the mosaic project that Tim Holtz did (I was more thinking of the one in the Compendium book but this is similar, from his blog)

And I wanted to do a sort of mosaic-like thing to hang on my wall.  I had it all worked out size wise, and was playing around with the stamps I wanted to use.  I knew the measurements and had created the backgrounds, with the idea of putting them on a 12 x 12 sheet of card (you can just see the sheet under the stamps)

I was stamping and colouring the people, I had the title (can you call it journaling if it isn’t a layout?) and I was happily creating in my own little bubble.  Then, as is my early morning routine, I hopped around to some of my bookmarked blogs, checking up on what friends, and other inspiring scrappers, were doing when I clicked on Jane’s blog.  She has a LOVELY project she taught at Scrapamia (darn I wish I had gone) that uses some sort of folded cardstock boxes to make a shadow box effect.  It’s very scrappy and almost vintage, really, really pretty. And that sent me off in a totally other direction – as Jane’s creativity often does LOL!

My boxes are very slim, only a 1/2 inch deep, and are much more simplistic, more like trays, really.  I used 4 different sizes :

5 x 4 (three)     3.5 x 4 (two)     4 x 4 (two)     3 x 2 (four)

The clothespins are holding the corners together while the glue dries and so I can test out the arrangement to see if I like it!

So you can see that once the boxes are stuck together they will fit on a 12 x 12 sheet of card. And it works with the size of the stamps..

It’s done now, but this post is already too long and I have to deal with THIS – here is a shot of my desk.  Honestly, I am such a messy scrapper.

More on Monday.