Video for coin envelope album

I sort of went off the boil on this as I had a few new things I wanted to play with but I managed to sort out a video slide show for the album. I know there are coin envelopes at UK Staples, although they are a slightly different size and the ones I’ve seen are printed on the front, but as they get covered with paper anyway it really doesn’t matter. I quite like the edging effect of using the MS border punch and it really goes together very easily.

I have to say that I hate the fact you only get three seemingly random thumbnails to choose from as your YouTube thumbnail.  It may have something to do with the fact my videos are made up of still shots, but the selection is often rubbish.  I wish I could say “Use the first image, always” but I can’t.

There are a couple of things in it worth noting (well, I *would* think so, wouldn’t I?  LOL!) including using the border punch to make an interesting tag top and using the “ball & chain” for the album binding.  I mention it briefly in the video, but the B&C that I used is actually a ceiling fan pull chain.  Same stuff – but the TH ones I’ve seen for nearly £9 (one 36 “chain, two connectors) but I got the same sort of length for under £2 and packs of 8 connectors for similar at a US hardware store.  Here you can get a box of 100 connectors for under £8 and 10 metres for under £20, although you can buy ball chain by the metre at Homebase so for me the box of connectors is the real must have.  Using alcohol ink to colour it (just put the chain cut to length in a baggie with a few drops of alcohol ink in the colour of your choice and smoosh it around till the chain is covered) you can have endless ball and chain goodies for all sorts of things.  OK, so no antiqued copper or gold, but for the price difference I can live with that.

Now, back to my current project, another that took three or four things all coming together to extend an idea I had into a better something.  No where near at the point of sharing, but soon!